Writing, reading, maths are the three recognized traditional subjects. Computer skills should be the fourth largest branch. Agree or disagree?

Essay plan:

Introduction: Refer to topic, agree completely

Paragraph 2: Reason 1: work – computer skills essential – promotion career prospects, so schools must prepare students with these skills for work

Paragraph 3: Reason 2: study – to enter higher education, do vocational courses. Example: using online materials. Advantage for distance learning

Paragraph 4: Reason 3: social life/ leisure. Example: Facebook/ chat rooms. Dating/ chatting/ downloading

Conclusion: Computer skills as important as numeracy/ literacy as school subject

Sample Answer:

The digital revolution has transformed the lives of billions of people across the world. It has changed the way that people work, learn and communicate. Therefore, I agree completely that computer skills should be one of the core subjects in the school curriculum, alongside reading, writing and mathematics.

Firstly, in today’s employment market, computer literacy is essential for most well-paid jobs or simply routine desk jobs. In order to pursue a successful career, to have better job prospects, promotion opportunities and to move up the career ladder, employees of all ages must be able to apply computer skills to many of the tasks which they have to perform. Schools must ensure that students have a good grasp of computer skills as an essential preparation for the world of work.

Secondly, computer skills are demanded of all students wishing to enter higher education or even to pursue most vocational courses. For example, an enormous amount of research has been published on the internet across the whole spectrum of disciplines. If students lack the necessary skills to access these materials online, they will probably fail to make the grade and complete their studies. Students with computer skills can also take advantage of opportunities for distance learning, through video conferencing and the college intranet.

Finally, in terms of leisure and social life, computer skills enable people to join social networking sites, such as Facebook or chat rooms, or to maintain contact through Skype. Whether it is internet dating, chatting, downloading podcasts or music, social interaction is almost unimaginable without the possession of some computer skills.

In conclusion, socio-economic changes have revolutionised the daily lives of people, and it is essential that computer skills should be taught alongside numeracy and literacy in order to equip youngsters to face the modern world.

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