Hotel Management

Types of service

There are various types of services which are used in different food and beverage outlets of a hotel. Types of service largely depend upon the following

  • Types of catering establishment
  • Types of clientele to be catered.
  • The menu planned for the establishment.
  • The turnover of covers expected.
  • The opening hours of an outlet.
  • The cost of the food being served.
  • The site or location of the establishment

The following are some of the serviced offered to the guests.

  • American service

American service is also known as pre-plated service as it is served pre-plated to the guests on the table. This type of service is more common in fast food and coffee shop restaurant, as it is easy and fast to carryout, hence this type of service is also called fast food service. Pre- plated service came into existence in American with the advent of fast food and quality presentation system. In this service, the food item being served is presented on a plate along with all accompaniment and garnished. Food is often placed and serve from right hand side of the guest.

  • Silver Service

It is very elaborate service and requires very skillful manpower or waiter to carry out the service. It is commonly used in elegant and family style restaurant where a guest can enjoy their meal spending their time with relaxation. Silver service in high class restaurant involves the use of silverware equipment’s in serving the food, hence it is called silver service. This service is done from the left hand side of the guest with the help of service spoons and forks to transfer the food from platter to plate on the guest table.

  • French service (Guerdon service)
  • It is a formal type of service, originated from European nobility and presently enjoyed by a few who can afford the time and expenses of meals served in this manner.
  • It is distinguished by the fact that food is cooked or completed at a side table in front of the guests.
  • The food is brought from the kitchen to the dining room on heavy silver platters and placed on guerdon.
  • A very exclusive service in which the emphasis is on the presentation of the food as much as is on the quality and
  • The food is either put in entree dishes or served onto guests' plate or the food is prepared in front of the guest on a trolley (guerdon), plated and then served.
  • The service requires highly skilled staff and is found in luxury dining outlets.
  • This is service style where the food is prepared from the kitchen and the finishing is given by the captain or guerdon matter in front of the guest.
  • It may involve preparation of a whole fish and then portioning for the guests or preparation of certain types of flambé items on the spots.
  • This is a very skilled job and is mostly performed with the aid of the guerdon trolley.

This service enhances the ambience and standards of the restaurants.

  • English service
  • The service is also known as Family service.
  • The food is brought on platters by the waiters and presented to the host (head of the family).
  • The host then portions the food onto individual plates and the stewards assist in service.
  • It is also known as family or host service/butler style service.
  • The primary characteristic of English service is that servers bring all food to the table on service platters or in service bowls.
  • They present the food to the host guest, who then passes it in family style around the tables, guests may order the waiter to serve the food or help themselves taking the amount of food they desire.
  • The guest of honor gets the first and the host at last, this way they create a homely environment.
  • In this type of service, food platter is placed at the middle of the table with various serving dishes and the host will serve to his guests or allows the waiter to serve.
  • This type of service also involves the use of silverwares and food is served from platter on the guest plate.
  • Counter service
  • In this type of service, the guests take coupon from serving counter and place order.
  • The food is served and consumed at places provided or can be taken away.
  • This service is common in the fast food restaurant.
  • The food is ordered and picked up by the customer from the counter himself.
  • The restaurant doesn’t have many staff. The service if faster, easier and economical.
  • Buffer Service
  • It is usually self-service in which the ready to eat food are displayed on a long table in a chafing dish, guest help themselves by taking the food of their choices form the assorted food table.
  • This service is provided where the number of customers is high or the customer requires meals at a low price.
  • This service is quite common in banquets and parties and restaurants.
  • This service involves the presentation of food items in bulk in chafing dishes, Platters.
  • The buffet is a type of service in which the guest may select their meals from an attractive arrangement of food on long serving tables.
  • The main purpose of buffet service is the variety of choice available for the customers.
  • Room service
  • This is done from the room service department of the hotel to guests staying in the room of the hotel only. Here the service is done with the help of trays and trolleys. The trolleys are generally attached with hot cases to keep the food hot. Here the food is generally pre-plated from the kitchen and when it is carried to the room on a tray the plate is covered with the plate cover.
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