English XI (Old Course)

The Recurring Dream


The story is set in England. Kimberly Clark (Kim) is the main character of the story. Janet is her roommate.

                Kim is a pretty girl of 25. She lives in London and works in a reputed company in high post. She is very unhappy because she has the same dream almost every night. According to her, she dreams about a house in a village where she sees an old man asleep in bed. The old man is

small with white hair and a white beard. In the dream, she goes onto a narrow lane, reaches the top of hill and enters the house of the little man. She moves around the house and finally arrives in the room where the old man is asleep. The old man wakes up. When she tries to speak to him, she wakes up herself in her apartment in London. She does not know at all who the old man is. She cannot avoid this dream either.

                In order to help her forget the dream and get relief from it, her roommate Janet takes Kim to her parents’ farm in the countryside. Kim sits in Janet’s car. They soon leave London city behind and drive through countryside. All of sudden Kim sees the house in her dream on the top of the hill. She makes Janet stop the car and walks up to the house. She knocks at the door, and the same old man who appears in her dream opens the door. Kim is bewildered at this sight. She reads the notice that says the house is “For Sale”. She speaks to the old man and why he wants to sell the house. He replies the house is visited by a ghost every night.

                Kim asks him who the ghost is. The old man tells her it is Kim herself and slams the door closed and goes in.

  1. What do you think is the reason some people have recurring dreams?

There are basically two different types of reason behind recurring dreams: psychological and supernatural. Very strong but unfulfilled desire for something may result into a recurring dream. If a person keeps thinking frequently about such dream, it is likely to visit his mind more frequently. Similarly, as the story, “The Recurring Dream” shows, our connection with someone or any particular place in our previous life that our soul might remember well is also a major reason for recurring dreams.

  1. Why do you think Kim has this dream?

Kimberly Clark, the protagonist in the story, sees the same dream without any change almost every night. In the dream she visits a countryside cottage in which she sees an old man, and she tries to say something to him. But when she opens her mouth, she wakes up every time in her apartment in London. She has never seen the cottage and the old man in her life before. Both the cottage and the old man are totally unfamiliar to her, but not to her soul. It is her soul that visits the cottage and tries to talk with him. It remembers the connection that Kim had with him in her previous life. It is because of that connection that Kim has this mysterious dream.

  1. How do you think Kim enters the cottage in her dream?

In her dream, Kim’s spirit visits the cottage to talk to the old man. The spirit doesn’t have any matter, and therefore, nothing can obstruct it from entering a house. It doesn’t need an open door or window to enter the any house. As Kim is a simply a spirit in her dream, she may enter the cottage by penetrating the door.

  1. In your opinion, why does Kim wake up each time she tries to speak to the man in her dream?

In her dream, Kim’s soul tries to say something to the old man. What her soul tries to say to him is related with her previous life which is completely unknown to Kim in her current life. Therefore, I think Kim wakes up each time she tries to speak to the old man in her dream because

  1. Why does Janet want to take Kim to her parents’ farm for a few days?

Kim is bothered a lot by her mysterious dream. She shares this trouble with Janet who is her roommate. Janet wants to help her forget about the mysterious dream by having some fun. For this purpose she wants to take Kim to her parents’ farm in the countryside for a few days.

  1. When Kim sees a cottage like the one in her dream, Janet does not want her to go see it. Why?

When Kim sees a cottage like the one in her dream, Janet does not want her to go see it for several reasons. First, she thinks that Kim is just imagining the things. She doesn’t believe that the cottage is the same of her dream. Second, she might not want to waste time on the way to her parents’ farm. She would love to reach there as soon as possible. 

  1. Why does Kim’s body shake when she sees the little, old man at the door of the cottage?

Kim might not have believed her eyes at the beginning to see the old man at the door of the cottage. She had not expected to see him there. She was very much shocked to see him there. Therefore, her body shook when she saw him there.  

  1. Why does the little, old man close the door when she sees Kim?

The old man was bothered a lot by frequent visit of Kim’s spirit in his cottage at night when she was dreaming. For Kim, her spirit’s visit to his cottage was a dream that was troubling her, too. The old man was frightened to see her at the door at day time, thinking that the ghost came again. Therefore, she closed the door and ran inside.      

  1. Why does Kim say something about the FOR SALE sign?

Kim did not know what to say in her response to the old man’s query what she wanted there. Then she suddenly looked at the FOR SALE sign which she had noticed before also. She said something about it to show that she came to buy the house. Her main intention behind this act was to have some words with him.

  1. Why do you think the cottage is for sale?

The cottage is haunted by Kim’s spirit almost every night. Its owner, the old man is bothered a lot by it. Therefore, he might have put it on sale. He might have thought that he would be free from this trouble by selling the cottage.

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