Full Fathom Five Thy Father Lies

- William Shakespeare


            The poem “full fathom five thy father lies is taken from William Shakespeare famous play ‘ the tempest’. In this poem the spirittarial is a speaker who speaks in front of the prince of Naples mistakenly, the prince of Naples Ferdinand thought that his father drowned in the sea. While he was weeping recalling his father the spiriterial emerged in front of prince and sang the song to cousoul the sea prince.

According to the spiritaerial the death of king is meaningful king’s body has not been decayed and destroyed. Every body parts of the king has changed into something valuable goods. According to aerial the bones of the king have changed into coral and eyes in to pearls. To pay the respect for the dead body the sea creatures ring their bell in every hour. on the other hand through their bell they informed the demise of the king. In the poem the poet uses onomatopoeia and alliteration to highlights the death which is meaningful.

In this way, although king passed away from the life of human beings he has been changed in to valuable material and again remainsin the nature.

The decay of the body parts into something valuable indicates that the death is not totally bad. It exepplifies that death also has a meaning. The poem is also meaningful from the point of view of poetic elements. There is alliteration in ‘full fathom five ..father’, ‘suffer a sea’, assonance in ‘five – lies’, ‘nymphs –ring’ and onomatopoeia ding – dong. These poetic quqlities heightens the intensity of the readers to read more and listeners to listen more.

Answer the following questions:

  1.  Write the central idea of the poem “Full Fathom Five Thy Tather Lies”.
  2. Write short summary of the poem “Full Fathom Five Thy Father Lies”?

This poem has been taken from the drama “The Tempest”, Act 1, Scene 2, written by William Shakespeare. In this poem the spirit ‘Ariel’ sings this song to Ferdinand, the prince of Naples, who mistakenly thinks his father is drowned.

The spirit tells Ferdinand that his father has been changed into something valuable. He says his father’s eyes have been changed into pearls and the bones have been changed into corals. His body suffers a sea change and does not fade. His body has been guarded by sea nymphs who ring the bell ding-dong.

The spirit Ariel makes Ferdinand cautious asking him to listen to the ding-dong bell presenting the assumed death of Ferdinand’s father. The writer valorizes the death. Death has been presented as something valuable and important thing. It is necessary for humans to die. It is not the end but the process of change into something special.

  1. Is death meaningful in this poem? (2064,67)

Definitely, deah has been presented here to be meaningful. As death is inevitable it is meaningful also. Ferdinand’s fathers body parts have been changed into something meaninfull and valuable. It clearly shows that it is meaningful. There is a meaning and importance of people while living but the poem also shows that the meaning doesn’t end at the time of death. Death body has its own importance even under the sea level where it becomes the part of nature. The human body is the part of nature which ultimately goes to the nature itself to complete the ecosystem of the world.

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