The Last Voyage of the Ghost Ship

-Garcia Marquez


            THE STORY ‘The last voyage of the ghost ship is written by Colombian nebelist and writer G.G MARQUER. He uses the stream of consciousness technique to narrate the imagination of the boy. In this technique the ideas feelings and thoughtsflow like a stream without any paws. AS a result we do not get the proper use of punctuation marks, in this story. There is blend of magic realism in the story, the protagonist(the boy) narrator the imagine story in real life manner. The boy wants to be a grown up man soon. To test his determination and assortivements he imagine the existence of ghost ship which is ultimately controlled by the narrator. It become slab to his disbelievers who do not pay attention at the ideas of a young boy.

            At the beginning part of the story the narrator has been guided by a sense of rage. To address his anger the narrator frequently says, now they are going to see who I am. The narrator purpose is to verify his assertiveness and courage in front of disbelievers. In the month of march when the narrator goes to the sea shore after getting the concept of his mother, he visualizes a giant sheep which is taller than the steeple of the church and longer than the whole village. In this 1st century with the ghost ship He neither sees the light of the ship nor its right direction Ultimately the ship sales to next coast of the sea and shank on the sand. When the ship explodes it does not produce any sound. The narrator also says that when the light of the light house falls upon the sea it disappear and when the light falls on other direction, it again appeared. The position of ship symbolically refers to the position of narrator at the beginning part the narrator is as soundless as the ship. In his first encountered the narrator thinks that it is just fancy. As a result he does not share, it to his mother. Again in the next year March the narrator visits the harbor during the night time like in previous march the narrator has seen the ghost ship. In this, year when the narrator tells about the ghost ship to his mother she thinks that her son’s going to be crazy. Although she blames him, she tells a boatman to go with her son to go with ghost ship. She has to go for next city to buy a chair when she sits on that chair and remembers about her dead husband, she passed away other four women of same village also passed away, when they also sat on that chair they also passed away. There is touch of magic realism. Due to magic power of the chair, they might have gone. The narrator does not like to live charity after the denied of his mother he begins to steal fishes from the boats. Due to isolation, The narrator grows stronger than the next year march. He again visits sea shores at midnight where he encountered the ghost ship like in previous encounters, when the ship reaches near to village, he cries for his villagers. When they come in to the sea shore they can only see the boy not the ghost ship. The ship has already sank on the sand and exploded in to pieces.The villagers think that they are being cheated by the boy, As a result they bit him severely .Again the narrator shows his says and says Now.

            The narrator has to wait for a next year to show the existence of ghost ship infront of his disbelievers. In this years the narrator has gone to the sea shore with a stolen boat, a lantern and fire. When the visualizer the giant ship In this march, he lits his lantern. After it the captain of the ghost ship begins to follow the boy boat. Although the light of the light house falls upon the ghost ship it does not disappears. He leads the ghost ship near to the seashore of the large sound of ship at all the villagers wake up and come to see the ghost ship. In this day, they really believe the narrator.

            In this way the protagonist transforms into an assertive and courageous man from the young boy. The sense of rays isolation observation, and experience made him stronger. The more time he encounter the ship the more mature he becomes Although in previous years he couldn’t generate the concept of lantern which could control the speed of ship. All the episode helps us to clarify that the narrator grows up to the determinant man from the ordinary boy, the difference phases of ship refers to different ups and downs of narrator imagination.

What do the refrain of the boy “Now they’re going to see who I’m” mean?

The repeated statement clearly means that he wants to prove himself. Whatever he has seen he wants to show that to the people (disbelievers). It also means that he is growing to an assertive man. He is growing to maturity. So, he wants to prove himself as man of worth. He wants to grow and show the ship to all the people with his strong male voice; with full confidence. It is because last time he called them to see it and was beaten when they saw nothing of that sort. So, he repeatedly says that he wanted to show who he was.

  1. Narrate the story of a boy’s growth from an ordinary boy to an assertive young man.

In this story the writer has presented a growth process of a boy. He was very young when his father died. He was a mischievous boy who loved to see seashore and played with friends.

Once he saw a strange ship. It was night and he could hardly see the ship. The ship would disappear in the presence of light and reappear in the dark. He shared this incident with his neighbours and called them to see the ship. But when they went to see the ship, they couldn’t find it. They bate him and scolded him.He brought a rocking chair for his mother. She sat on it and remembered her husband and died on it. And the boy became orphan. Consequently, all the villagers hated him. He did not like to live on charity. Instead of it he started to rob boats and fish to survive himself.

With the boat he roamed to the places where he had seen the ship. He visited different places and met varieties of people. He learned their culture and customs. He became more experienced and matured than before. Finally, he saw a ship. He led the ship with the help of his lantern. He said that they will see who he was actually. They came out of the houses and saw the huge ship. It could move on the sand too. This, time villagers believed him. He proved himself a mature man with confidence in him. Thus, the boy transforms himself from a young boy to an assertive young man.

  1. Why did the boy have to prove who he was?

He was a young man of his neighborhood. He had seen the existence of the strange ship. They did not believe what he said. That is the reason why he wanted to prove himself in front of the villagers. The ship was not seen in the shore so they beat him black and blue.

Notwithstanding, he was dogged to prove his point and he did it by hook and crook. Later he showed the ship whose existence was approved by all the onlookers at the end of the story.

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