The women mentioned in this essay and the activities

Lydia E Pinkham's contribution

  • In 1879, sold a medicine called Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound that she had invented herself.
  • Advertised the product claiming that this medicine could cure many different diseases and problems faced by the women.
  • Took interest not only in her business but also in social services.
  • Also support women's rights, temperance, and economic reform.
  • Focused on the welfare of the women.
  • Encouraged women to consult female doctors.
  • Advised women on diet, exercise, health and her own medicine.
  • Printed a report and gave it to women with the medicine to help them correct physical problems, infertility, nervousness, hysteria and marital conflict.
  • Earned a lot of name and fame.
  • Inspired the women to develop their feminine role in the society.
  • Became something of a folk heroine

Helena Rubinstein and Elizabeth Arden

  • Ran their business selling cosmetic goods.
  • Attracted the attention of the people by their marriages to European aristocrats.
  • Competed each other.
  • In 1909, Arden, her first line of '
  • Arden, not only skin care and cosmetics, but finally added hairstyle, ready-made, and custom clothes, advise on nutrition and exercise.

Margaret Rudkin

  • Prepared a healthy food, additive-free bread
  • First used it for her son who was suffering from asthma.
  • Thus, helped to supplement her husband's income.

Jennie Grossinger

  • Ran a resort in New York, which was widely known for food and entertainment.
  • Her hotel began serving 150,000 guests a year
  • Managed to become a Jewish grandmother.
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