Children Who Wait

-Marsha Traugot


            The essay ‘The children who wait’ is written by Marsha Travygat. The main concern of the writer is to show the condition of minority and mixed radial children who were virtually ignore due to which they were waiting in the child care centre for the permanent parents. She also suggest some reason for a new trend in adoption in America after 1960. She also suggest due to the changing concept of the society. The children who were labelled as unadoptable become free for adoption.

            After 1960’s the social worker begin to publish a photo with the description of a child who is waiting in the foster house in the newspaper. In that description, the social worker also writes the limitation for the prospective parents for example, to adopt the black child like tammy who is five and half years old and is suffering from fetal alcohol should be an ideal adoptive family which has other older siblings. The family also should pay the cost for the medicine. But before 1960’s the  handicapped children were regarded as damaged goods black civil rights movement, women rights movements, birth controls, change in value, social science research as well as the economic conditions of the parents play the significant role to bring the change about the concept of adoption in America.

            Due to the black civil rights movement the standard of human dignity comes up. All the American they justice the equality which also has been applied to all the children, like that women right movement establishes different rights to the behalf of women due to abortion rights, unwed, girl can abort her unwanted child which helps for birth control After 1960’s an unmarried girl can keep her baby with lesser social stigma.

            As a result, the number of healthy babies in the foster houses decrease the change in social value also helped the unwed mother to keep her baby with herself. The concept of marriage as well as sexual behavior of people change after 1960. Due to the enrichment of economic position of black they can also adopt the children unfortunately during the time of 1960’s to 1980’s the number of children doubled in child care center. AS the children don’t cast vote politician do not pay any attention upon them. If the children remain in foster houses for a long time, there may cause disasterious problem like delinquency , oriminality, mental problem as well asexual proversions. It not only ruins their life ruin the system of society. The author is not happy with the tendency of social worker who are always looking for best matehing for example for  the boy who Is eleven years old with the heart defict and hearing disability can be adopted by the religious family , which has other children too. The author suggest  the social worker to come out of the box. They should change their attitude to find the prospective parents for the children who are waiting.

            In this way the author dramatizes the situation of marginalize and handicapped children of America during 70th in the foster houses. The social worker is hopeful to find the prospective parents for the black by racial and handicapped children.Whom does Marsha Traugot refer to as the children who wait? (2057)

She referring to those children who have been lebeled ‘unadoptable’ as the children who wait. These waiting children are with some deformities or not the white ones. They were either blacks or disabled. The children over the age of five were also lebeled unadoptable. Children other than the whites like were not accepted easily. Children of mixed race, black, deformed and physically unfit were the children Traugot has mentioned to be in the waiting list.

  1. Why was it difficult for the handicapped and the black children to find Foster Family? (2060)

Before 1960 it was very difficult for the handicapped and black children to find foster family. The trend before that was just for whites. The white children were easily adopted. But the blacks and handicapped had to wait. They were not easily acceptable. Abortion was not legalized, birth rates was uncontrolled, birth controlling measeure were not used properly due to this healthy white children were easily avaible for adoption. So, the black and handicapped children had to wait to find a forster family.

  1. How do the adoption agencies find the potential parents? (2064)

The adoption agencies search the list of prospective parents. If they don’t find a proper family they send their data to the regional database to find the potential parents. Sometimes they organize informal parties where  agency, the children and the prospective family meet and see the children. If it does not work, they advertise a child in the newspaper and television. They feature the child with their profile and background. So, mosto of the children get a foster family. Tammy is an example whose advertisement has been published to search a potential parents.

  1. What kinds of parents were considered suitable for adopting children? What kind of children were consisted unadoptable?

Before 1960 the affluent family with both male and female was considered suitable for adopting children. A child needed love of both members of a family. Single parent were not considered a suitable family for adoption. But the scene changed after 1960.

The black children were unacceptable. They were not considered good for adoption especially by the white parents. In the case of handicapped same rule applied. They were also unadoptable because the foster family need a healthy and white child. They needed easy handling of the baby without any social complain or dis-satisfaction.

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  1. What had happened to the handicapped children in the past? (2065)

Before 1960 the white children were easily available for adoption. People preferred white children so black and disabled children were lebeled “unadoptable”. Disabled children were also not accepted because they were difficult to handle. The blacks were underestimated from the racial point of view.

Martin Luther King Jr. gave his famous speech “I Have a Dream” in 28 August 1963. After that great movement for equal rights to the blacks the situation got little softer. So, before that era it was was difficult for the blacks children to get adopted. It got easier later.

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