About Love

- Anton Chekhov


        “About love” is a story which is written by Russian dramatist and short story writer Anton Chekhov. In his writing Checkov opens the problem of their common man and women. He highlight the fate of common people through his stories. In this story he highlights the experiences of Alyohin . The sadness of Alyohin has been reflected through grey sky and drenched trees (wet trees)    .  When   Alyohin shares his experiences and feelings to his friends Ivan and Burkin , he feels as his problem is solved . The happiness of Alyohin  has been reflected through the open sky . When Alyohin reveals all  his inner ideas before he   feels happy . Throughout story Alyohin brings three different expressions of love through different character.

        At first Alyohin narrates the affair of love two servants, Nikanor and Pelageya. Although they love each other Pelageya desires to live with Nikanor without getting married. But Nikanor desires to live with Pelageya after getting married. In the eye of the narrator the love of Nikanor and Pelageya is an epitome of physical love. Before he talks other two about other two love stories, Alyohin talks about mystic nature of love he says that everything that has been written about love is just a statement of a question. Nobody can define what is love  every case of love should be  individualized  we should not generalize the definition of love while Alyohin was the student of university he feel  in love  with a university girl which was just for  few years . The girl feel in love with Alyohin to get material profit. So ,  this  expression of love  is known as selfish love .

Alyohin began to narrator his affair with Anna  to his friends .According to Alyohin  he had to involve in farming when he completed his bachelors degree from university although  his academic qualification doesnot  match with the job of farming he was forced to involve in their profession to pay the debt which was taken by father for his education . Alyohin compare his position with the condtion of a hungry cat which has eaten cucumber due to its hunger .Alyohin was compelled to involve  in farming  to save the social prestige of his father .Although , Alyohin tried his best to maintain the academician his village , during the time of farming and harvesting . After few years he got released from life of farming when he was elected as a honourary justice of a peace . As a result Alyohin has to visit the        to attempt the meeting of circuit courd . When Luganovich  called to Alyohin to had dinner in his house Alyohin saw the beautiful wife of luganovich . When he looked at the face of Anna he realized that he had already talked with her In his first sight Alyohin failed in love with Anna.

Here, the marital status does not disturb Alyohin to have love with Anna.After their two and three meetings Alyohin began to see the image of Anna  in every part of his house . To be wife of luganovich was mistake which was made by got for Anna .Although they talked several house they did not express their love. Both of them were conscious about their social  status and the particularly the status of Luganovich in every  meetings Anna tries to say something but couldn’t  explain her inner thoughts . Due to unexpressed feelings emotions  and thoughts she became mentally sick . As aresult she could neither looked after her children nor she could give more time for her husband she became moody . According to suggestions of doctor Anna had to love that city .In the last huor of her departure Alyohin reached the  house of Luganovich . Fortunately or unfortunately, Anna had forgotten to carry her basket with her in the train . Alyohin take the benefit of that situation by bringing the basket of Anna , Alyohin also entered in the compartment of Anna  . For a few seconds they looked at each other eyes and ultimately express their love through their tears . Before they departed     ,    they kissed each other and Alyohin left the train.

When Ivan and Burking heard the unsuccessful love of Anna and Alyohin they come to compare with the position of squirrel which remain in the cage   . Although Alyohin is not suitable for rough and tough job, he is force to involve in it. If he had involve in other profession he could have progress a lot on the other hand , when Alyohin fell in love with Anna he couldn’t think about other girls . As a result he remain unmarried by looking at the position of Alyohin they came to compare with imprisoned squirrel. Thus, the strong “About Love” opens a unfulfilled love of a common man Alyohin .Alyohin struggle a lot .But  he couldn’t change his life . This helps to highlights the predicament (fate) of a common man .

  1. What kinds of love experiences are suggested by Alyohin in ‘About Love’?

From his experiences Alyohin suggests that love should be individualized. One situation of love doesnn’t resemble with the other. So, every case should be studied differently as doctors do.

When he was in college one of his girl friends loved him too much. Her love to him meant nothing more than the material gain. The other one is the love between Pelageya and Nikanor. Why still they love each other is still a mystery because Pelageya pefers to live just so and Nikanor wants to get married. In his drunken state he beats her violently.

  1. How did Alyohin define love?

Alyohin defines love as a mysterious thing. It is because every case differs from the other. He says that Pelageya fell in love with Nikanor, the mug without any rhyme or reason. He is a drunken brute who beats her time and time again. But she is sticked to him and proposes him to live “just so”. But Nikanor a bit religious who prefers not to live just so with out getting married. As the doctors treat each patients individually so is the status of love in each case. It differes from place to place and people to people. 

  1. Sketch the character of

Graduated Alyohin works in the field to pay his debt off. His father had mortgazed his home of Sofyino for his study. He worked in the field because he couldn’t earn much if he uses the  labours to get that job done. So, himself involves in all the agricultural works with his servants.

As an honorary justice of peace he is kind hearted and liberal. He visits town frequently. On these visits he would stay in the home of Mr. Luganiviches whom he befriended in his work. There he saw Anna Alexeyevna, the wife of Mr. Luganovich for the first time. He found her beautiful and cooperative. She had a daughter of six month at that time.

Alyohin frequented the town and mixed with Luganoviches. He became one of the members of that home and stayed there in his every visit. They also welcomed him and offered help they could the time of need. These genuine helps and the warm contact compelled Alyohin to love Anna. In the arrival of Alyohin from Sofyino she would tell hi that she was expecting him to arrive that day.

He fell in love with her but he couldn’t express it. He thought that there was not big difference between Mr. Luganovich and himself. He couldn’t give her more than that so he just loved her and make her mentally sick. Anna also loved him but cuuldn’t express her love to him. May be it is because she was married and also had a baby.

Alyohin expresses his love at the end when Anna broads a train for Crimea. He kisses and caresses her with full of tears in his eyes. But it is too late to redo everything so he returns depressed.

Alyohin represents a general hoipoloi of the society. He is a simple man who wants love and to be loved. But his first college friend was materialistic who loved him for money and possessions. Love of Anna was genuine but it was her extra-marital love so I couln’t be executed physically.

  1. What is love? Why should the love, in each case, be individualized?

Love is the feeling of hearts. It is further enjoyed by two hearts. It happens without knowing with whom or when. Sometimes it gives much pleasure but sometimes it becomes a matter of dissatisfaction and irritation that leads to suicide and murder too.

Love is mystery. Every case differs from the other so every case should be individualized. The situations differs in each case and the reason of love also gets changed time and time again. It can be interpreted in anyway. Love comes in many forms. Some of them are explicit and some are hidden. Only the person who is in love can understand the intricacies and subtle expression of love.

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