I Have a Dream

-Martin Luther King Jr.


I have a dream by Martin Luther king

The speech ‘I have a dream ‘is delivered by martin Luther king junior in 1963. The apparent purpose society. Martin Luther king is the leader of civil rights movement as well as and an advocator of human life. He delivers this speech to oppose discrimination against black. Although American constitution stated equal rights for all its citizen, the blacks were deprived from these fundamental rights. As a result, black American involved in civil rights movement.

Abraham Lincoln freed all the stave in 11862 through his emancipation proclamation. But after 100 years the situation of black remained same. They neither got citizenship nor freedom and equality in the American society there was racial discrimination. Instead of this the speaker wants to establish equality, normality, freedom, justice, and brotherhood America up to his time, white Americans used to in stave the Blacks. Blacks always remain in semi side of American politics and cultural experiences. They are exited in their homeland. In the view of Martin Luther king Jr. American constitution becomes just like a bad check which has come back marked insufficient fund. It means Negros do not get chance to enjoy with fundamental rights life liberty and pursuit of happiness. As a result American constitution becomes a bad check for Negros. All the Negros are in the movement to cash a check.

According to the situation of black in America is not good. They are treated as a slave they neither get equal opportunity nor freedom when they speak for the rights they are punished by the state. They are put in chains of discrimination and separation, the utility of constitutional provision become marriage for blacks. They are thrown in dark and dirty corner of country then neither get citizenship right nor they get chance to enjoy the seed of freedom. They only become the feed of victim of an unspeakable horrors of police brutality, systematic domination. They are throw in the narrow jail cells. When they quest for their freedom they are injured by the state. The speaker comes with some suggestion for his supporters.

He makes them aware that while they are fighting for their rights, the agitators should be conscious about the rights of white. When they fight for equal right, they should not be the issue of hate, they should fight for equal rights as promised in the constitution. They are gathered at a place to protest against domination so their protest should be disciplined and nonviolence without any harm to white. The fate of American black is connected with the fate of American white so, they should go ahead together, guided by the philosophy of Gandhi. Through his speech he opens his dream which is also the dream of Negro.

The speaker Martin Luther king has a dream to get citizenship right which is provided with the equal opportunities like that king has dream to concretize the dream of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness in the life of negro. Negro’s are treated as second class citizen in America. As all men are created equal he has dream to establish equality justice in America. Then only the son’s and daughter of former slave and sons and daughter of former slave owner will be able to sit together at table of brotherhood and sisterhood. They won’t be judged by colors of their skin but by the content of their character. He wants to see the end of segregation, biasness and every types of industries in American society. Negro’s have been touched a lot by whites. As a result they are in the valley despair.

In this way all the mountains of the despair will be collapsed and there will be stone of hope. Every American will be guided by the sense of brotherhood. At last the speaker again clarifies his apparent propose which is to get equality justice and the freedom in America.

  1. What is the apparent purpose of this speech?

The seer purpose of this speech is to unite the Blacks scattered around the United States of America. It emphasizes the Black people’s life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. This speech’s apparent purpose is to reestablish their lost rights of freedom, justice and equality.

  1. What thesis does King develop in the first four paragraphs?

His thesis in these four paragraphs is that the Blacks are not still free even after the Emancipation Proclamation. Blacks are still in the severe condition of poverty, injustice and social discrimination within their own nation. The promise of the “Declaration of Independence” is still not granted to them. They haven’t been able to use their unalienable rights of life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.

  1. What is the historical significance of Martin Luther King’s speech?

This unforgettable speech was delivered on August 28, 1963. This speech is the total sum of what Black people wished in general. The speech is the core part black people’s suffering. It was against the all white people’s domination over the blacks. Their curtailed rights were highlighted in the speech. The speech was a formal invitation to all listeners and the viewers, both whites and blacks, to fight against the discrimination to the Black people. King’s dream was the dream of brotherhood in peaceful manner. His voice was against the injustice and oppression to the Negros. And his dream for all of them was just peace, love and brotherhood.

He was the follower of Mahatma Gandhi and followed the path of non-violence. He took the path of non-violence to demand what the whole Blacks wanted. The speech clearly highlighted the fundamental rights of the black people. They were the made slaves in their own country. They had to face the basic problems living freely. They were deprived of the many facilities which should have been granted to them without any rhyme or reason.

The speech was delivered in Washington D. C. to celebrate the hundred years Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation. Lincoln freed many blacks and signed to free all of them. But even after hundred years the freedom was not given to the Negros. Life, liberty and pursuit of happiness were the fundamental benefits guaranteed in the “Declaration of Independence”. But it was just limited in the paper and it was not enacted and followed. Emancipation Proclamation was just like a promissory note or like a cheque which bounced lack of sufficient fund in the account.

Thus, the speech becomes historical which caused a great change in America and freed many slaves who were not free practical. The speech reunited the blacks and whites as brothers. It mentions the places like; Mississippi, South Carolina, Alabama, Georgia and Louisiana where racial segregation was rife. This unforgettable speech dreams of a beautiful world mixed with black and white people.

  1. What is the dream Martin Luther King Jr. has? How he is going to achieve it?

King’s dream is a dream of brotherhood. He wishes to unite the black and white people. Being in the same country some people are slaves and some are slave owners. They are judged just because of the color of skin not by the content of their character.

So, King has a dream of unity, freedom and justice. He addressed for both the whites and blacks to shake hands and respect each other towards the path of peace and prosperity. He was going back to the places where people were being segregated because of their skin color. We was going back to the slums and ghettos of the states like; Georgia, Mississippi and Alabama with the hope of positive change. He wished these places to be a a comfortable places for the black and white children to sing a song together.

  1. What is the main theme of this speech given by Martin Luther King Jr. ?

See the summary section.

  1. Q. Write a speech on the topic “I have a dream…”

Mr. President,

Distinguished guests,

Ladies and gentlemen,

Since my childhood I have been thinking about the problems that human beings are facing in the modern world. Poverty, disease, pollution, racial discrimination, stress are some of the major problems of the world today.

I have a dream to bring about regeneration in the world. For this purpose I want I want to write a book in English In that book I shall bring out the great message of the Holy Scriptures. One of the messages of the Upanishad is “O human beings! Arise, awake and stop not, till the goal is reached”. Through such inspiring thoughts I shall exhort the people of the world. I am sure that the world will be forced to hear my words one day. Nothing can prevent me from realizing my dream.

Thank you, thank you very much.

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