The Boarding House

The Summary of the story


The story ‘The boarding house’ is written by Irish writer James Joyce. Joyce is a modernist writer who depicts the consciousness of modern human beings through his character. His story the boarding house reflects the psyche of adolescence and social importance of marriage. In the story marriage offers promise and profit on the hand and entrapment and loss upon on the other SIMPLE AFFAIR BECOMES A TRACTIAL GAME of obligation for Mr. Doran, Marriage is more about social standards, public perception, formal sanctions then more feelings. Mrs. Mooney her son and daughter Polly and Jack Mooney as well as Mr. Doran are the main character who are used by James Joyce to reflects the Irish society. Mrs. Mooney uses her daughter Polly Mooney to manipulate and entrapped Mr. Doran.

                 Mrs. Mooney who is the owner of A Boarding house is a daughter of butcher who weds with helper of his father. After they got married Mrs. Mooney and her husband open a butcher shop in Dublin. After few years her husband become a drunkard and ruined the business. In one night he came with the knife to kill MRS. Mooney. After that Mrs. Mooney went to the priest and got a separation from him. She took the responsibility of her two children for her living Mrs. Mooney opened a Boarding house where different young man and the tourist come to live. All the resident of the boarding house called her as the madam. Mrs. Mooney son Jack worked as a clerk to a commission agent. Her daughter Polly Mooney was a typist in a corn factors office frequently, Mrs. Mooney told her to dis join her job. After that, Polly Mooney began to help her mother in the boarding house. She also began to flirt the young boys. Although Polly fail to attract the other young boys, she got success to get the attention of Mr. Doran. Mr. Doran was an almost thirty five years young man. He worked in the shop of merchant of alcohol. His social prestige was high in the Dublin city\. Although the neighborhood people as well as the guest of Mooney’s boarding house talked a lot about the affair of Polly Mooney and Mr. Doran. Mrs. Mooney remain silent one day Mrs. Money called her daughter and asked her relation with Mr. Doran. In one of the Sunday morning of the summer Polly Mooney entered in the room of Mr. Doran and began to weep. She also reveal that she had already talked about their relation with her mother. During that time Doran hade made two attempts two shaves but his hands were shaking. He began to thinks about his future. As he had already taken the advantage of Polly in experience and youth he should be ready for compensation. As everyone knew the business of Polley Mooney and Doran he had no way out. Then Doran recalled his passed days which he waged with Polly. Although he had enough money to settle his life in Dublin city, he did not like to wed Polly he should dis joint his job. He was also mindful about the nature of Jack Mooney. Everywhere Doran fall in the cage which was by Mooney. While he was called by Mrs. Mooney He was swinging in the delirium. When Doran talked with Mrs. Mooney he might be coming to wait Polly Mooney to convince Doran Mrs. Mooney might have talked about the extramarital relation of Doran and Polly Mooney. When the people of her boarding house and the neighbors knew their relation than only Mrs. Mooney talked with Doran. Although he may not have desire to wait Polly Mooney, he had not other way out. So, he might have reluctantly un willingly accepted the proposed of Mrs. Mooney to wed her daughter .in this way MR. Doran fell in trap the conspiracy of Mrs. Mooney. Due to her unsuccessful married life, Mrs. Mooney might have desire to bond the relation with the man of middle class. At last she got success to maintain a relationship with the middle class which helps to uplift the prestige of Mooney’s family. The marriage of Polly Mooney and Mr. Doran does not refers to the union of desires rather it is a social status marker.

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