Computer Science XII

System Development Concept

A System is a collection or arrangement of entities or things that work together to achieve one or more common goals. It can also be defined as, a set of components linked together according to a plan to achieve a specific objective. In a typical system one or more inputs are changed into a desired output. Systems may be made up of other smaller systems, which are called as Subsystems. Subsystems in turn are made up of other subsystems. For example a Computer System is made up of number of subsystems, which are input subsystem, storage subsystem, processing subsystem and output subsystem.

Information System:
Information System is as a system, which gathers and delivers information to the people in an organization. The purposes of Information Systems are to process input, maintain files, and produce information and reports about the organization. An Information System, today, is considered as subsystem of business. An information system is a set of processes and procedures that transform data into information and knowledge. Information Systems consists of subsystems, including customized hardware and software along with data that’s central to the company or organization’s mission, trained users who know how to use the system to serve customers better, and procedures that outline precisely how to accomplish a task with out error. The five basic interacting components of any information system are;

1. Input:
Capturing / accepting components that enter into the system to be processed. Example: raw data.

2. Process:
Process that series of changes to be done on information, to convert input into output. Example: data processing.

3. Output:
Which produced by the transformation process to their ultimate destination. Example: reports.

4. Feedback

5. Control

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