SUGGESTED ANSWERS FOR PART 1 Topic: Travel and Tourism

Do you like travelling?

Yes, definitely! I think seeing the world, from great historical monuments to white sandy beaches, is what life is all about. It’s a very interesting way to learn about new cultures and explore new places.

Who do you often spend holiday with?

It depends on what kind of holiday it is. If it’s Christmas vacation, I prefer hang out with my friends here and there and have a chit-chat. If it’s New Year holiday, I just want to celebrate the holiday with my family and relatives in a cozy ambiance.

How much traveling have you done?

Well for a start I’m an international student, so my life can be counted as travelling. I’ve been on a road trip to USA, a vacation to Japan, and Korea when I was younger thanks to my father meeting sales goals, and most recently Australia – a splendid country.

What kind of places have you visited in your life?

I am a working person. Therefore, I prefer to visit the places which elevate my mood and energize me. I have been to some of the most beautiful beaches and lakes in my country. These places bring me closer to nature and rejuvenate me.

When you visit new places, what do you like to do?

It seems to me that there’re a lot of stuff to do when visiting a brand-new places. At first, I would love to take photographs to bookmark my travel experience as well as share with my best mates. Culture vulture seems to be my another character when I feel like discovering the places of great aesthetic appeal everywhere I set foot in.

Do you prefer traveling alone or in a group?

Well, it depends on my current mood. A trip to the off-the-beaten-track destinations, mountainous or forested place for instance will be my initial choice if I feel devastated. On the contrary, I will congregate with my companions and sign up for guided tours as it’s a chance to be shown around and take photograph – one of my hobbies when feel overjoyed.

In which seasons do you prefer to travel?

I guess it would be autumn. This season has little rain, clear skies and temperate conditions. It’s really the best season when most places are at their best at that time. 

What places would you like to visit in the future?

If I have the chance to visit one famous place, it will be Paris, a must-see place to me. I would love to visit the Eiffel Tower, to tuck into French delicacies in prestigious restaurants. In addition, it’d be great for me to visit the Louver Museum and discover history as well as La Sorbonne University – the oldest educational institution in modern France.


If the choice is in my hands, I’m yearning for travelling to Paris on Christmas vacation when the weather is neither too cold or too hot. There I can contemplate the picturesque scenery.

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