Important Questions

Q.1 Define matter.
Q.2 What happens if you put copper sulphate crystals in water?
Q.3 A substance has a definite volume but no definite shape ? State whether this substance is a solid , a liquid or a gas.
Q.4 Arrange the following substances in increasing order of force of attraction between the particles. (a) Milk (b) Salt (c) Oxygen.
Q.5 A substance has neither a fixed shape nor a fixed volume . State whether it is a solid , a liquid or a gas.
Q.6 The melting point of a substance is below the room temperature . Predict its physical state.
Q.7 What is vapour ?
Q.8 Name the temperature at which the solid and liquid states of substance can exis together .
Q.9 What is the effect of pressure on boiling point?
Q.10 Name any two substances which sublime.
Q.11 Define Condensation.
Q.12 For any substance, why does the temperature remain constant during the change of state?
Q.13 Which is the slow process , Evaporation or Boiling ?
Q.14 State the effect of surface area on rate of evaporation.
Q.15 Why are we able to sip hot tea faster from saucer rather than from a cup?
Q.16 What is the SI unit of temperature?
Q.17 why kelvin scale of temperature is regarded as better scale than Celsius?

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