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Speaking of Children – Summary | The Magic of Words

A single child is a boon of God for the parents and plural children a curse; they destroy the personal life and privacy of the parents by keeping them under their control. Therefore, Holland suggests that one should beget one child.

            This essay is set in America; it deals with the American culture. For the Americans personal freedom and privacy are the most important of all aspects in life. A wife is expected to have some private time with her husband when he returns home from work.

            One child is an inseparable part of parents’ body whereas many children a way of strange life. A single child is controlled easily, and parents can shape him/her as their wish. They can take him/her to parties, on their journeys and teach him/her any lesson like morality. Unlike it, plural children create counter culture in the house; parents are controlled by the children and house is littered with playthings and clothes. Long errands are beyond imagination for the parents of multiple children. Besides, they have to dine at 6 pm instead of 8 or 9 in the evening. They should change apartment frequently to find cheap school, and should speak to the unwanted people as well.

           The mother of many children hast to sacrifice her career for her children; she falls backward. She can go on a short tour when she has taken her children out. On-top of that, telephone line is usually engaged. On the contrary, with one child, both parents can enjoy their private life and freedom. But the plural intervene in any matter of the parents. Therefore, they cannot have a private time, peace after work, which is must for a healthy conjugal life in America. The children do not obey the parents, and if not allowed to be with them, they quarrel and fight among themselves. The mother is tired of over work.

            The parents can communicate through written form until children can learn to read. Or they have to talk in different languages. But these things are not possible for the writer, so they have started to meet at their office to have some privacy and peace.

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