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Soup and Classification

A soup is a flavorful and nutritious liquid food served at the beginning of a meal. Soup is a liquid food consisting of meat, seafood, vegetables, cereals, or poultry. They play an important role on the menu and are regarded as appetizers as they stimulate the appetite for the heavier foods to follow. On the menu, they are served as the first course, if horsd’ oeuvres are not being served. If hors d oeuvre is served then soup is served as the second course.

Traditionally, Soups are classified into two broad groups i.e. Clear soups and Thick soups. The established French classifications of clear soups are Bouillon and Consommé.

  • Clear sour
  • Broths
  • Consommé’
  • Thick Soup
  • Puree
  • Veloute
  • Cream
  • Bisque
  • Chowder
  • Cold Soup
  • International Soup

  • BROTHS: - A broths is a stock base soup which is not thickened. It is served unpassed and garnished with chopped herbs, vegetable or meat
  • Consommé’:- A consommé is a clear soup which is Clearfield with egg white
  • Puree soup: - Puree soup are thick soups made by cooking and the pureeing vegetables or ingredients used in the soup.
  • Veloute: - A veloute is a thick soup, which is thickened with a blond roux, passed and finished with a liaison. They made by vegetables and chicken stock based for example veloute of chicken.
  • Cream: - A cream soup is passed thick soup. It may be vegetable based or meat based. But most commonly vegetables are used to prepare cream soup. For example cream of tomato, cream of mushroom, cream of chicken etc.
  • Bisque: - It is the shellfish based soup. Which is passed and may be garnished with dices of the seafood used. Traditionally it is thickened with rice and finished with cream.
  • Chowder: - Chowder are not strained and traditionally they are sea food based soups thickened with potatoes and finished with cream or milk. Chowder are from the USA.
  • International Soup: International soups are the soups originated in different countries and continents and named after different historical figures.
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