Some important theory questions for the final examination

  1. What is programming language? Describe briefly different types of programming language and their major features.
  2. What do you mean by computer software? Briefly describe different types of software.

  1. Write down the differences between compiler and interpreter. Explain in detail about compiling process.
  2. What are the steps that need to be followed for developing the application software?
  3. What is flow chart? List out the various commonly used flow chart symbols. How does a flow chart help a computer programming?
  4. What are the basic features of the C programming language? What are its advantages compared to other high level languages?
  5. What is an identifier? Describe about valid and invalid identifier. Why it is necessary to use meaningful identifier in programming?
  6. What is an operator in C language? Discuss the different types of operators used in C.
  7. What data type and qualifiers are available in C? Explain with examples.
  8. Explain in brief about the different types of operators available in C language.
  9. What is conditional statement? Explain with examples.
  10. Explain syntax, working and uses of switch statement in C? What are the restrictions on case labels?
  11. What do you mean by repetitive structure? Differentiate between definite and indefinite loops with an example of each.
  12. Draw the flow chart and syntax of if………..else statement and explain how it works?
  13. Why c is called a structured programming language? Write about control statement in C language.
  14. Explain along with flow chart, how do-while (exit controlled) loop differs from while (entry controlled) loop?
  15. What is type casting? Explain with example.
  16. Differentiate between source code and object code.
  17. Draw the flow chart and syntax of do………..while loop, explain how it works?
  18. Explain syntax, working and uses of for loop in C.
  19. Explain the differences between break and continue statement with examples.
  20. What is operator precedence and associatively? Explain the precedence and associatively of arithmetic operators with examples.
  21. What do you mean by logical and relational operator? Differentiate between them.
  22. What do you mean by nested loop? Explain about it.


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