Scientists predict in the near future cars will be driven by computers, not people. Why? Do you think it is a positive or negative development?

It is projected by scientists that in the foreseeable future, computers will undertake the operation of cars rather than drivers themselves. This anticipation is understandable and brings both negative and positive aspects.

Autonomous driving cars have received a great deal of research and there have been great strides in automobile technology. Cars have been able to recognize human voice and dispense directions accordingly to guide drivers to their destination. As technology progresses, we are seeing self-driving cars that will be able to interpret and act based on their immediate environment. This is an inevitable outcome in the years to come.

Traffic-related deaths due to human error such as drink driving, distracted driving or over-speeding would be significantly reduced. Computers will be well pre-programmed and assist human drivers in the task of driving under such circumstances with a great degree of precision. Besides, it is good news for the handicapped or the elderly as self-driving automobiles mean there will be no obstacle in terms of physical problems or age restriction.

In the event of malfunction, even with just a minor flaw, the cars will run the risk of collisions. This is not to mention the fact that accidents can take place since driver-less cars cannot cope with unexpected terrains such as potholes, crowded roads in the same way as a human driver can. Furthermore, drivers’ information can be exposed by potential hackers who would take advantage of the data pool stored at a data center. The data will be then used for illegal purposes, which harms people’s interest.

In conclusion, we can understand why this trend is possible in the near future. Meanwhile, it poses both threats and opportunities for individuals.

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