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Veloute sauce (Blond Sauce)

It is a basic blond sauce. It is prepared from blond roux and stock. Veloute gets its name from the type of stock used, e.g. fish stock and blond roux- fish veloute.

Chicken stock and blond roux- chicken veloute.


Preparation Methods Ingredients Quantity Method of Preparation
1 Butter 100 g -          Melt the fat in thick bottomed sauce pan.
2 Refined Flour 100 g -          Add the flour and mix in well.
3 Stock 1 L -          Cook out to a sandy texture over gentle heat till blond color.
4 Salt and Pepper As Required -          Gradually add the stock, stir smoothly

-          Allow to simmer

-          Strain through chinois or fine strainer.


Allemande sauce, Aurore sauce, supreme sauce, bercy sauce.





  • Allemande sauce: a veloute sauce made from veal stock with egg yolks and cream added
  • Aurore sauce: Pureed tomatoes are added.
  • Supreme sauce: A chicken veloute with mushrooms and cream
  • Bercy sauce: A fish stock veloute with added shallots and white wine.
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