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Tomato Sauce ( Red Sauce)

It is a red kitchen sauce and has some piquancy. It is served with spaghetti, eggs, fish and meat, it adds color to the dish.


Preparation Methods Ingredients Quantity Method of Preparation
1 Flour 80 g -          Melt the fat in a thick bottomed sauce pan.
  Brown stock 1 L -          Add the bacon trimmings and mirepoix and add brown stock slightly.
2 Butter 80 g -          Add refined flour and stir.
3 Dice of Bacon Trimmings 40 g -          Mix in the chopped tomato and tomato puree and allow it to cool.
4 Garlic crushed 1 Clove -          Gradually add the stock and stir.
5 Tomato puree 100 g -          Add bouquet garnie, wine and stir gradually.
6 Tomato chopped 50 g -          Correct seasoning
6 Bouquet Garnie As per required -          Simmer for 1 and half hour
  White wine 45 ml -          Strain through the chinois or fine strainer
7 sugar 50 g -           
8 Seasonings As per required  

Barbeque sauce,Bertonne sauce, Portugaise sauce




Barbeque sauce: Tomato ketchup, vinegar, sugar and tobascco sauce.

Bretonne sauce: butter, wine and chopped parsley.

Portugaise sauce: Tomato cancasse, red wine and garlic paste.

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