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Hollandaise Sauce (Yellow Sauce)

It is a warm yellow and rich sauce. It contains a high percentage of fat and egg yolk. It is an emulsion of butter, lemon juice and egg yolk. It is served over grilled or baked fish, vegetables and egg. It is an accompaniment to cauliflower, asparagus, and broccoli. Salmon, trout.



Preparation Methods Ingredients Quantity Method of Preparation
1 Butter 200 G -          Take a clean bowl and required butter.
2 Egg yolks 2 Nos -          Melt butter in the top of a double boiler.
3 Cream 60 ML -          Add cream and beaten egg yolks and whisk together.
4 Lemon juice 1 tspn -          Add salt and lemon juice.
5 Crushed pepper corn ½ tspn -          Cook over the double boiler until mixture thicken by stirring constantly.
6 Parsley fine chopped 1 tspn -           Remove from heat and beat with a whisk until light.
7 Bouquet Garnie 1 tspn -          Strain through a fine strainer for correct seasoning.
  Seasonings As per required  

Béarnaise sauce, Mousseline sauce, Malaise sauce.




Béarnaise sauce: Egg, lemon juice, tarragon and pepper dust.

Mousseline sauce: whipped cream and béarnaise sauce.

Maltaise sauce: orange juice and strips of orange zest.

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