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Béchamel sauce (White sauce)

Preparation Methods Ingredients Quantity Method of Preparation
1 Butter or Margarine 90-100 g -          Slightly melt the butter in a thick bottomed pan, add flour and mix in.
2 Refined Flour 90-100 g -          Cook for a few minutes over a gentle heat without coloring.
3 Milk 1 L -          Remove from heat to cool the roux
4 Clouted onion 1 No. -          Gradually add the milk and stir till smooth.
5 Garlic clove As required -          Correct the seasoning.
6 Salt and Pepper As Required -          Add the clouted onion, stir and simmer for 30 Minutes.

-          Strain through conical or fine strainer.

7 Nutmeg Powder As Required -          Sprinkle nutmeg powder and cover with a film of butter to prevent skin formation.


Derivatives’ of Béchamel Sauce

Morney sauce: Egg yolk, chesses and cream

Mustard sauce: Butter, cream and mustard.

Onion Sauce: Minced onion and nutmeg.

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