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Sauce and Types

Sauce are liquid or semi liquid mixtures. A keen sense of smell, delicate sense of taste, a light, strong hand for the blending all contribute to a perfect sauce. It is flavored liquid or sometimes semi-liquid food, which have suitable colorful appearance, definite in taste and adequate seasoning to complement the foods as an accompaniment. Sauces are not normally consumed by themselves, they add flavor, moisture and visual appeal to another dish.

Importance of sauce

  • Enhance flavor.
  • Some sauces help in digestion.
  • It gives moistness to the food.
  • Adds color to the food.
  • Sauces can be served as accompaniments or additional dishes, which flourish the dish on its plate.
  • Sometimes gives the name to the dish.
  • Enhance the nutritional value of the dish.
  • Gives tartness and contrasts or balances a bland food.
  • Sauces are made from various food ingredients to enhance nutritional value of the dishes.

Thickening agents in sauces

  • Roux: - roux is a combination of equal quantity of fat and refined flour, which are cooked together. There are three types of roux that depend upon the degree of cooking.
  • White Roux: - Equal mixture of butter and refined flour cooked together without coloring it.
  • Blond roux: - Equal mixture of butter and refined flour cooked together with moderate cooking.\
  • Brown roux: - Equal mixture of butter and refined flour cooked together till brown in color.
  • Corn Flour and Arrowroot: - It is the flour inner part of corn and arrowroot. They are diluted with water. Stock or milk, then stirred into boiling liquid and allowed to re boil for a few minutes. It is widely used for thickening soups, sauces and curries.
  • Liaison: - A mixture of cream and egg yolks in equal quantities is used for thickening and enriching some sauces.
  • Beurre manie: - Equal mixture of butter and refined flour kneaded to a smooth paste and mixed into a boiling liquid.
  • Egg yolk: - it refers to the appropriate recipe, as the yolks are used in a different manner for each sauce.
  • Blood: it is usually used for game cooking. It thickens the sauce and gives a particular flavor.

Basic of Mother Sauces.

  • Béchamel sauce (White sauce)
  • Mayonnaise sauce (Cold sauce)
  • Veloute sauce (Blond Sauce)
  • Espagnole Sauce (Brown Sauce)
  • Hollandaise Sauce (Yellow Sauce)
  • Tomato Sauce ( Red Sauce)

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