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Salad and Types

The word salad is derived from the Latin word “ salted” meaning salt, as salt is always one of the ingredients needed to make a good salad. Salad is the food served with dressing that can be a cold dish or green vegetables or the hot mixture of piquant food, meat, poultry and fish.

Salad is usually a cold food made up of assorted vegetable, fruits, nuts, cereals, poultry, meat and seafood in an attractive manner. Ingredients used in salads are made with the combination of various dressings e.g. mayonnaise, acidulated cream, vinaigrettes or flavored and sour liquid form which enhance the dish tasteful.

Salad should always have the following characteristics and they are piquant, cold, crisp, colorful, aromatic and well seasoned. It is a first course of the menu and often referred to as a starter or appetizer and portioned as small quantities. It also can be served as an accompaniment or dessert in any stage of mealtime.  

Types of salad


  • Simple Salad

It is also known as single salad made up of single ingredient except dressing, base and garnish. These salads are usually made of vegetable or fruits that are prepared and served as an accompaniment during the mealtime. Cucumber salad, tomato salad are the best examples.

  • Compound salad


These salads are made up of more than two ingredients mixed with liquid or semi liquid dressing. These are made up of assorted vegetables, fruits, nuts, cereals, poultry, meat or seafood that prepared and served as the salad course in many meals, Russian Salads, Coleslaw salad, Salad Nicosia, chicken Hawaii are the best examples.

Structure of Salad


Salad usually consist of four basic components, they are

Base: - The base is the foundation on which the body of salad is portioned. It is usually some form of leafy green vegetable such as, lettuce, cabbage, watercress that is placed first on service plate.

Body: The body comprises of the ingredients that constitute the main part of the salad. Salad gets its name from the ingredients that are used for the body. Accompanying salad contains less substantial body element than salad used as main course.

Dressing: - Dressing is used to blend the ingredients and add flavor. It must both agree with the salad components and accentuate their taste and texture. Adding different ingredients to either a basic mayonnaise or vinaigrette may create dressing. Although acidulated cream and natural yoghurt are also popular.

Garnish: - it is an adornment of final touch of any salad that completes the dish. It attempts to provide eye appeal and make salad more attractive. It may be part of the body or it can be an additional item that will blend and complement.

Some other varieties of salads


  • Green vegetable
  • Potato salad
  • Kidney bean salad
  • Florida salad; - Orange segments, lettuce, fine julienne orange zest, acidulated cream and seasoning.
  • Nicosia salad: - French bean, tomato cooked diced potatoes, anchovy, capers, stone olive. Lettuce, vinaigrette and seasoning.

Recipe of Different Courses


  • Salad Waldrof:- Walnuts, Mayonnaise sauce, Apple, Celery, Salt & Pepper, Red cherries ( Garnish)
  • Coleslaw: - carrots, cabbage, mayonnaise sauce, salt and pepper.
  • Russian Salad: - Carrots, Potatoes, Cream, Green beans, Green peas, Mayonnaise sauce, Salt and Pepper.
  • Chicken Hawaiian:- Diced and boiled breast, Diced pineapple, mayonnaise, fresh cream, salt and pepper , parsley bunch ( Garnish)
  • Green vegetable salad
  • Nicosia salad: - French bean, tomato, cooked dice potato, anchovy, capers, olive, lettuce, vinaigrette and seasoning.


Dressing are in liquid or semi- liquid form. It is made from a mixture of oil, vinegar/lemon juice, and mustard. Seasonings, eggs or cream for different dressings. Dressings are usually served to all types of salad, which makes salad sour, flavorful, colorful and appealing to the eyes. Moreover, it helps in digestion, improves palatability and provides food value. Dressings may be prepared by adding different ingredients to basic cold sauces, vinaigrette or acidulated cream.

Types of dressing

Vinaigrette Dressing: - it is made by mixing of olive oil, vinegar, mustard powder and seasoning.

Mayonnaise: - It is cold sauce used in salad dressing prepared by the emulsion of egg yolk and salad oil with seasoning.

Thousand Islands: - Mayonnaise chopped hard-boiled egg+ chopped green olives+ chopped gherkins+ ketchup up+ seasonings

Cocktail: - mayonnaise+ brandy+ tomato ketchup+ tobacco sauce+ seasoning

Acidulated cream: - dressing based on cream, lemon juice, seasoning

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