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Registration and Activities

Registration can be defined as the process of assigning rooms to the guest at the time of their arrival by filling necessary details about the guests and the room contained in a registration form. Registration of room is done on the arrival of the guest in a hotel. It may be done in advance in case of VIPS and CIPS. Guests may fill up registration formalities themselves or the process is carried out by receptionist after determining the reservation data. Guest registration form is used for registration of the guest in the hotel, which acts as a source of information about guests and acts as a legal proof for both the hotel and the guests. In the small hotels and lodges, the registration register is maintained by taking necessary details about the guest.

Guest registration procedures (Activities)

  • Pre- registration activates
  • Creating the registration records
  • Assigning the rooms and rates
  • Establishment the mode of payment.
  • Issuing the room key
  • Escorting the guest to the room.
  • Pre- registration activates

One of the busiest times for the reception is during the check-in hours. To ensure that newly arrived guests are greeted and given their rooms are smoothly and efficiently as possible, speedy registration procedures are required. One way is to pre-print all of the guest details on a registration card prior to their arrival, according to reservation details. All the guest then has to check that the details are correct, sign the card and receive their rooms keys. Pre- registration activity is done for group and conferenc3e delegates.

  • Creating the registration card

Registration card facilitate the registration process, which should be located with following information at hand.

  • Name of the guest, company, their address.
  • Arrival and departure date with time
  • Room rate, room type, number of rooms, hotel plan and pax.
  • Passport detail
  • Travel details
  • Mode of payment
  • Guest signature.
  • Assigning room and rates
  • The process of assigning rooms and rates differ according to the categories of the guests. Room assignment for the guests who are with pre- reservation is a simple but in case of walking in guests, the receptionist has to ensure as fa r as possible, the need and preference of the guests. A receptionist should know
  • The status of all the rooms in the hotel.
  • The position and features of each room of the hotel.
  • The needs, reference and special requests of the guest.
  • Establishment the method of payment
  • When a guest makes reservation, his/her mode of payment is recorded in the registration card. Mode of payment may already be discussed with guests in case the guest is on reservation. However, for FIT, it is very important to be done on guest arrivals, the main reason behind the concept is to ensure that the hotel can know in advance if the guest needs to make special arrangement for settling their bills. This precaution helps to prevent embarrassment to the guest at the check-out time.
  • Issuing the key

After the registration procedure is completed, the guest is issued with the room key. It is common method of issuing room key with a key card. A key card serves as a proof of the guest identification to hotel staff. Key card is necessary when the guest wants to collect his/ her key from the reception. 

  • Escorting the guest to the Room

After the key is issued, the guests are escorted to their respective rooms with the help of bellboys. On most of the hotel escort the guests to their rooms

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