Parents often give children everything they ask for and do what they like. Is it good for children? What are the consequences when they grow up?

Parental approach to bringing up young people surely has a deciding role to play in their development. Some parents often raise their children with over-indulgence, and I feel this method would be a hindrance to their individual growth and adult life.

It is human nature to love their offspring, and yet over-indulgence is a poor choice of rearing. Children need to learn through punishments, which means that they should be punished for what they do wrong and rewarded when they achieve something. Punishments like withdrawal of privileges or even those of physical nature could sometimes be needed to educate children. However, if they are allowed to do whatever they want, they will not understand the difference between right and wrong and become ignorant, thoughtless individuals.

Providing youngsters with whatever they desire would teach them nothing but to have no regard for what they already have. For example, they will pester their parents to buy them a new toy if they are bored with the one they are having. This is extremely dangerous because it could be the basis of their character when they grow up.

When there is no limit to the indulgence parents show toward their kids, these children will become needy and dependent, and therefore are unable to live on their own. In some cultures like Vietnam, parents pick up their kids at school even during high school, buy their clothes and cook at home. Children do not have to do anything, which is mainly why many of them cannot stay away from their parents and live independently even when they are in their 20s.

In conclusion, I firmly believe that indulgence should be within certain limit. Otherwise, it would badly shape children’s personalities and restrict their ability to have an independent life later.

296 words

Vocabulary highlights:

  1. Parental approach to bringing up young people
  2. Raise their children with over-indulgence
  3. Hindrance to their individual growth and adult life
  4. Withdrawal of privileges
  5. Those of physical nature
  6. Understand the difference between right and wrong
  7. To have no regard for
  8. Pester their parents
  9. The basis of their character
  10. No limit to the indulgence
  11. Indulgence should be within certain limit
  12. Restrict their ability to have an independent life

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