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  1. It is a basic blond sauce. It is prepared from blond roux and stock. Veloute gets its name from the type of stock used, e.g. fish stock and blond roux- fish veloute. Chicken stock and blond roux- chicken veloute.   Preparation Methods S.no Ingredients Quantity Method of Preparation 1 Butter 100 g -          Melt the […]
  2. It is a basic cold sauce. It is used as a salad dressing and as an accompaniment. It has a wide variety of uses, particularly in hors d’ oeuvres and salad. It is rich sauce as it is thickened with egg yolk and has a high percentage of fat. Sometimes it is thickened with gelatin […]
  3. Preparation Methods   S.no Ingredients Quantity Method of Preparation 1 Butter or Margarine 90-100 g -          Slightly melt the butter in a thick bottomed pan, add flour and mix in. 2 Refined Flour 90-100 g -          Cook for a few minutes over a gentle heat without coloring. 3 Milk 1 L -          Remove from heat […]
  4. Sauce and Types

    Sauce are liquid or semi liquid mixtures. A keen sense of smell, delicate sense of taste, a light, strong hand for the blending all contribute to a perfect sauce. It is flavored liquid or sometimes semi-liquid food, which have suitable colorful appearance, definite in taste and adequate seasoning to complement the foods as an accompaniment. […]

    Vegetable Broth (Un-passed Soup of Vegetables) Recipe card no.        06 Preparation time       20 min No of servings          04 Service ware                         Soup bowl INGREDIENTS QUANTITY Barley 50gm Vegetable stock 200ml Paysanne cut vegetables (carrot, turnip, beans, peas, leek, celery, onion & potato) 200gm Bouquet garni 15gm Salt & pepper To taste Chopped […]
  6. A soup is a flavorful and nutritious liquid food served at the beginning of a meal. Soup is a liquid food consisting of meat, seafood, vegetables, cereals, or poultry. They play an important role on the menu and are regarded as appetizers as they stimulate the appetite for the heavier foods to follow. On the […]
  7. Stock can be defined as unseasoned, thickened, nutritious liquid containing some of the soluble nutrients and flavors of food which are obtained from the prolonged and the gentle simmering of the bones, aromatic vegetables, flavoring herbs and water. The general time requirement for the preparation of stock is normally 6-8 Hours with the exception of […]
  8. There are various types of services which are used in different food and beverage outlets of a hotel. Types of service largely depend upon the following Types of catering establishment Types of clientele to be catered. The menu planned for the establishment. The turnover of covers expected. The opening hours of an outlet. The cost […]
  9. WAP to display

    * ** *** **** * ** *** **** * * * * CLS S$ = "****" FOR I = 1 TO LEN(S$) PRINT LEFT$(S$, I) NEXT I FOR J = 1 TO LEN(S$) PRINT LEFT$(S$, I) NEXT J FOR K = 1 TO LEN(S$) PRINT MID$(S$, K, 1) NEXT K END USING SUB PROCEDURE DECLARE […]
  10. WAP to display

    ******* ****** ***** **** *** ** * USING SUB PROCEDURE DECLARE SUB PATTERN (S$) CLS S$ = "*******" CALL PATTERN(S$) END SUB PATTERN (S$) FOR I = LEN(S$) TO 1 STEP -1 PRINT LEFT$(S$, I) NEXT I END SUB
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