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  1. Food and beverage service is one of the major divisional operations in hotel industry, which delivers prepared food and drinks to the customer through its different service outlets in the appropriate hospitality manner. The main responsibilities of this department are Mise-En-scene, mise-en-place, order taking, welcoming the guest, serve meals and drinks, and so on.  F& […]
  2. The style to serve the food or types of service varies according to the type of establishment; however, there are some principles or rules regarding the food & beverage service that a waiter must know. The procedure for service to a guest from the movement he/she enters the establishment until he/she leaves is referred as […]
  3. TYPES OF BREAKFAST   CONTINENTAL BREAKFAST Choice of fresh Fruit Juice --------------xxx------------ Choice of Assorted Breads          (toast, croissants, rolls, brioche, muffins etc)         Served with Preserves (Jam, marmalade), Honey ----------------xxxxx--------------- Beverages (Tea / Coffee / Chocolate) ENGLISH OR FULL BREAKFAST   Choice of fresh Fruit Juice (orange, pineapple, tomato) Or Cut Fruits (grapefruit, melon, […]
  4. Salad Recipes

    Waldorf Salad             Waldorf salad was created at New York’s Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in the 1896, not by a chef but by a captain Oscar Tschirky for the opening of a hotel, it was an instant success. Recipe card no.           01 Preparation time          08 min No of servings             04 Service ware                Platter/plate […]
  5. Salad and Types

    The word salad is derived from the Latin word “ salted” meaning salt, as salt is always one of the ingredients needed to make a good salad. Salad is the food served with dressing that can be a cold dish or green vegetables or the hot mixture of piquant food, meat, poultry and fish. Salad […]
  6. Sandwich can be defined as two or more slices of bread with fillings such as meat, poultry, seafood, vegetables or dairy products in a balanced structure. It is versatile and nutritious meal. Sandwiches are now getting fame as someone can get all of his/her picks tucked between the slice of bread. It is best accompanied […]
  7. It is a red kitchen sauce and has some piquancy. It is served with spaghetti, eggs, fish and meat, it adds color to the dish.   Preparation Methods S.no Ingredients Quantity Method of Preparation 1 Flour 80 g -          Melt the fat in a thick bottomed sauce pan.   Brown stock 1 L -          Add […]
  8. It is a warm yellow and rich sauce. It contains a high percentage of fat and egg yolk. It is an emulsion of butter, lemon juice and egg yolk. It is served over grilled or baked fish, vegetables and egg. It is an accompaniment to cauliflower, asparagus, and broccoli. Salmon, trout.     Preparation Methods […]
  9. Brown sauce is made from brown roux and brown stock or glaze of stock. It is one of the most widely used basic mother sauces. Demi glaze is a derivative of brown stock and it is widely used for the preparation of other brown sauce derivatives.   Preparation Methods S.no Ingredients Quantity Method of Preparation […]
  10. It is a basic blond sauce. It is prepared from blond roux and stock. Veloute gets its name from the type of stock used, e.g. fish stock and blond roux- fish veloute. Chicken stock and blond roux- chicken veloute.   Preparation Methods S.no Ingredients Quantity Method of Preparation 1 Butter 100 g -          Melt the […]
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