Lexicon to boost the score Part4

  1. A balanced diet – A diet that has the right amount of nutrients
  2. A bottle of bubbly – Sparkling wine
  3. A decadent chocolate pudding – Luxurious or self-indulgent chocolate pudding
  4. A doggy bag – The leftovers of a meal in a restaurant taken home
  5. A scrumptious meal – A delicious meal
  6. A sweet tooth – An enjoyment of sweet food
  7. An English breakfast – A large cooked breakfast that includes egg and bacon
  8. Calm the hunger pangs – To reduce the discomfort caused by hunger
  9. Candle lit dinner – A romantic dinner by candlelight
  10. Covered in a rich sauce – Covered in a creamy gravy
  11. Cut down on – To reduce consumption
  12. Daily consumption – The amount that you eat everyday
  13. Dying of hunger – Very hungry
  14. Exotic meals – Meals that originate in other countries
  15. Fine dining – Food catering to expensive tastes in a formal setting
  16. Food preparation – Preparing food
  17. Food production – Producing food
  18. Fussy eater – Someone dislikes many foods
  19. Home cooked meals – Meals cooked at home
  20. Homemade food – Food made at home
  21. Junk food – Food with little nutritional value
  22. Leafy vegetables – Vegetables such as spinach and cabbage
  23. Mouth-watering meals – Delicious meals
  24. Nutritious food – Food with many nutrients
  25. Packed with vitamins – Full of vitamins
  26. Piping hot cup of coffee – Very hot coffee
  27. Pub lunch – Lunch served in a bar
  28. Rabbit food – Salad vegetables
  29. Ready meals – Heat and eat meals
  30. Refined carbohydrates – Foods such as white rice, white bread
  31. Savouring the food – Enjoying the food
  32. Scrumptious meal – An exceptionally tasty meal
  33. Seasonal fruits – Fruits that grow in season
  34. Starving hungry – Extremely hungry
  35. Wining and dining – Entertainment that includes good food
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