Hotel Management

Job responsibility of Front \Office Staff

Front Office Manager

  • Reports to: - General Manager/ Managing Director
  • Handling staff and taking appropriate decision for the entire sections of front office operation.
  • To promote accommodation and function sales.
  • To control all activities of reservation, information, registration and cashier.
  • Assign duties to the staffs.
  • Make the duty roster of the staffs.
  • Supervise and train the staffs.
  • Advise on purchase of required equipment and other materials.
  • To create successful guest relation.
  • Inform the staffs about the management’s policies.
  • Coordination with other departments of hotel.
  • To verify all guest folio and guest registration cards.
  • To compile and maintain proper guests account.


Front Office Cashier

The cashier section is handled by a shift cashier in each shift. They report to general cashier and are responsible for

  • Opening and maintaining of guest folios.
  • Checking out the guests and collection of dues.
  • Receiving of the bills from other departments and posting in individual folios.
  • Maintenance of cash in the section.
  • Handing over of accounts to the next shift cashier.
  • Preparation of required formats.
  • Provide information to other departments on the credit status of the guest and for liaising with all sections of the front office and other billing departments.
  • Disburse petty cash to hotel staff in certain hotels.
  • Control safe deposit locker keys and maintain safe deposit locker register.
  • Handle foreign exchange procedures.
  • Information Assistant
  • The information section in the reception handles many important functions. The responsibility of the information assistant fall under followings heads.
  • Maintain guest list/rack.
  • Receive messages for the guests over telephone or in person and keeps in safe custody to hand over when the guests arrive.
  • Handles guest room keys.
  • Handles guest mails, faxes in coming as well as outgoing.
  • Provides information on local place of tourist interest, other hotel services.
  • Keeps information about happening and events in the city.
  • Keeps information about flight details.
  • Keeps information about shopping malls, restaurants, clubs and other areas.



  • Handle room reservation request.
  • Receiving and welcoming guest.
  • Registering the guest.
  • Allocation of desired rooms.
  • Preparation of room status report.
  • Preparation of discrepancy report.
  • Maintaining room status as per information from housekeeping.
  • Handle scanty baggage.
  • Prepare guest arrival and departure list.
  • Reception and welcoming of the guest.
  • Helping in the registration process of the guest and assigning room.
  • Maintaining resident guest records.
  • To make V.I.P. amenities voucher for guest.
  • Keeping up to date records of room rack and key handling.
  • Proper communication with other department and section.

Night Auditor

The day’s transactions and business is audited every night by the night auditor. It undertakes the following jobs

  • Checks and validates all transactions of the day.
  • Checks all bills and folios for verification of all charges raised by different billing department.
  • Verifies all summaries, especially cashier summaries.
  • Prepare a statement of bills.
  • Prepares night auditor’s report.
  • Prepares statistical report of room occupancy and daily report.
  • Prepares and accounts for all city ledger.
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