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Job Description of Food & Beverage Service Personnel

The food & beverage service department usually has the largest numbers of staffs so leadership and supervision is required to effectively direct the department and guide the staffs. The personnel working in F&B service department are required practical knowledge of operation as even single and simple error cause displeasure to guest.  Co-ordination of activities to all outlets is essential to provide the guests quality service at all times.

He is the head of F&B service department and is responsible for the administrative as well as operational works; depending on the size of the establishment his role in the establishment is to implement the agreed policies or to contributing towards the setting of catering policies.

His job covers a wide variety of duties

  • Preparing the budget for the department.
  • To be responsible for hiring and firing the staff.
  • Should ensure that every outlet achieve an estimate profit.
  • Should coordinate to plan the menu with Executive chef.
  • Should ensure quality control in terms of efficiency.
  • Responsible for recruitment, promotion, transfer and dismissal of staff within the department.
  • Quality checking of both food & beverage.
  • Holding regular meeting with section heads to ensure that all outlet are performing well and are well coordinated.
  • To make the plan of provision and services of food and beverage items.
  • To set the purchase specification along with related managers and chief.
  • To achieve the set target goals.






Food & Beverage Manager

Food & Beverage, manager is head of the food and beverage department. He is required to impart knowledge and skill at briefing and interpret the management policy to the staff. He sets the standard for service and prepares duty roaster, holiday lists and hours on and off duty.

Job Position -          Food & Beverage Director/ Manager

Category      -           Senior Manager

Reports to    -           General Manager

Job Definition-          Overall Activity of F & B Department, Budget planning,

Supervise     -           Asst. F & B Manager, Out-Let Manager.

Assigned area of Activity     -           Food & Beverage Outlet

Hours of Operation              -           One shift in 24 hours for 8 hours or as per                                                                                the Management policy.

He or she have the following responsibilities.

  • He/she has to ensure probability of his department outlets.
  • Responsible to sale the all food and beverage product.
  • Responsible to Prepare Annual Budget Plan and set a target goal.
  • It is responsible to recruit the new staff.
  • He or she has to achieve set targets of productivity and sales
  • It is responsible to design, Preparation, updating and raising of wine cards, menu cards.
  • He has to ensure the availability of all the stocks required for the operation of food and beverage service and production.
  • He has to liaise with other departments.
  • He has to undertake customer relations and business development.
  • He has to create training program for the employees.
  • He is responsible for hiring, firing, development of staff.
  • He is responsible for purchase all F & B items.
  • Ensuring quality of food and service in outlets.
  • To maintain the service standards in the all F & B outlets.
  • To control the breakage and wastages of food and equipment’s.
  • To coordinate with other department foe efficient operation.
  • To determine the portion size in relation to selling prie.


Senior Captain (Maitre D´ Hotel)


      Job Position                               -           Senior Captain

      Category                                                -           Supervisory

      Reports to                                  -           Restaurant Manager

      Job Definition                             -           Look after Mise-en-place, Mise-en- scene of                                                                          the restaurant, receive the guest and                                                                                        supervise the staffs.

      Supervise                                   -           Captain, waiter/waitress and trainee.

      Assigned area of Activity           -           Food & Beverage Outlet

      Hours of Operation                    -           One shift in 24 hours for 8 hours or as per                                                                                the Management policy.

     Worked Performed                   

  • He has overall charge of staffs.
  • Responsible to look that all duties necessary for the preparation for service are efficiently carried out and that nothing is forgotten.
  • He oversees the mise-en-place, mise-en-scene, setting of the outlet and staffing to ensure that restaurant or outlet is ready for the service.
  • He also receives the guests and takes order in rush hours.
  • To allocate the daily mise-en place and mise-en-scent in dining area.
  • To prepare duty roaster of the staff.
  • To maintain the service standard in the restaurant or service outlet.
  • To handle guest complaints.
  • To conduct daily briefing and de briefing.
  • To control the breakage and wastage of food and equipment’s.
  • To promote the sales revenue of the restaurant.


Captain (Chef De Rang)

Job Position: - Captain           

Category: -       Supervisory

Reports to: -     Senior Captain

Job Definition: - Order Taker

Supervise: -       waiter/waitress and trainee.

Assigned area of Activity: - Assigned stations

Hours of Operation: - One shift in 24 hours for 8 hours or as per      the management policy.                                             Worked Performed

  • Responsible for the efficient performance of the staffs in his allotted stations.
  • Should possess a sound knowledge of food & beverage.
  • Should possess a sound knowledge of food & beverage service style.
  • Should possess a sound knowledge of Restaurant & Bar Equipment’s.
  • Ability to use Restaurant & Bar Equipment’s.
  • Should possess a sound knowledge of Hygienic and Safety standards relevance to his work.
  • Should possess a sound knowledge of regarding the Dinning Etiquette.
  • Able to discuss the menu with guests.
  • Should be efficient sales person.
  • To ensure the correct mise-en-place and mise-en-scene.
  • Should be able to assign duties to the steward and assistant steward.
  • To ensure that clearance from the table has been done systematically and in proper manner.
  • Check the uniforms of junior staffs and timing regarding the punctuality.
  • He receives the guests, make seating arrangement and takes orders.
  • Recommend and convince the guests regarding the food and beverage to increase the sales.

Waiter/Steward (Commis De Rang)

       Job Position                               -           Waiter

       Category                                                -           Non-Supervisory

       Reports to                                  -           Captain

       Job Definition                             -           Performing Mise-en-place & Mise-en-scene,                                                         serving food and clearing of table

       Assigned area of Activity           -           Assigned Tables

       Hours of Operation                    -           One shift in 24 hours for 8 hours or as per                                                                    the Management policy.

Worked Performed

  • Part of the team under senior captain.
  • Punctual attendance on duty.
  • To attend briefing before the service.
  • Mise-en-place
  • Mise-en-scene.
  • To get the requisitioned restaurant items like linen, glassware, chinaware, flatware, flowers etc from the store or from the respective department.
  • To clean and polish service equipment.
  • To make a table serviceable on time.
  • To receive and seat the guest.
  • Take the order of food & beverage.
  • Serve the food & beverage ordered by the guest and also clear the table after each course.
  • To present the check and receive payment.
  • To make sure the cost control.
  • To be a salesmanship.
  • To ensure hygiene and sanitation.
  • To ensure the safety ness at work.
  • Receive and exchange the outlet linens from the Housekeeping Department.
  • To perform any other duty assigned by the Management.
  • Should have a sound knowledge of food & beverage service and courses served within the menu.
  • Should have qualities like confidence, good manner, effective communication, pleasing personalities, salesmanship, willingness to serve etc.

Sommelier (Wine Waiter)

  • Not a common position in Nepal and India but have an important role to play in any reputed establishment.
  • Job is to take order of wine and other alcoholic beverages and serve them during the meal in appropriate glassware and in appropriate hospitality manner.
  • Should have sound knowledge about wines that accompany a particular dish and the manner in which they should be served.

Bar Man

  • Works behind the bar counter dispensing alcoholic beverages and making cocktails.
  • Should have pleasing personalities, good manner, good communication skill and sound knowledge of all beverages and their mixing, be fast & efficient and be able to work in the rush hours.

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