Need and importance of Accounting

When a person starts a business, whether large or small, his main aim is to earn profit. He receives money from certain sources like sale of goods, interest on bank deposits etc. He has to spend money on certain items like purchase of goods, salary, rent, etc. These activities take place during the normal course of his business. He would naturally be anxious at the year end, to know the progress of his business. Business transactions are numerous, that it is not possible to recall his memory as to how the money had been earned and spent. At the same time, if he had noted down his incomes and expenditures, he can readily get the required information. Hence, the details of the business transactions have to be recorded in a clear and systematic manner to get answers easily and accurately for the following questions at any time he likes. i. What has happened to his investment? ii. What is the result of the business transactions? iii. What are the earnings and expenses?
iv. How much amount is receivable from customers to whom goods have been sold on credit? v. How much amount is payable to suppliers on account of credit purchases? vi. What are the nature and value of assets possessed by the business
concern? vii. What are the nature and value of liabilities of the business concern? These and several other questions are answered with the help of
accounting. The need for recording business transactions in a clear and systematic
manner is the basis which gives rise to Book-keeping.

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