IELTS WRITING TEST With Band 9.0 Model Answers


Every person should stay at school until 18. Do you agree or disagree?


Completing formal education has been considered as a choice rather than a must in the modern world. I hold a belief that such flexibility is totally agreeable compared to compelling people to go to school full time.

Compulsory eighteen schooling time seems a fallacy to me although many people would argue that it is necessary to provide people with fundamental knowledge and social skills for their adulthood. I believe that such preparation could be gained without formal schooling. In [country’s name], many underprivileged adolescents are deprived of education opportunities but still able to hone skills such as communication and organization skills through their part-time jobs like waiter or salesman. In terms of mental development, it is hardships and real experiences in life that actually teach them life lessons of hard work, determination, and honesty to overcome their underprivileged backgrounds. The life story of Mr. X, the chairman of the nation-leading steel company could be an example. This successful business man did not have a chance to go to school for further than grade nine but has grasped all business skills through working experience. The case has undermined the point that eighteen years of education is vital to a person’s development.

Another point supporting my view is that flexible education could best fit individuals’ needs and preferences. The practice is meaningful for people who have poor learning ability and no interest in academic education, especially those in [country’s name] where the high school curriculum is deemed heavy and theory-focused with no applicability. For these individuals, pursuing education until the age of eighteen is in fact a waste of time, or even a torture, as they might be under constant pressure to understand lessons and catch up with their peers. If these students are allowed to decide their schooling time, they could better plan their life by spending more time on completing vocational courses to early prepare for their chosen career paths. The case is actually true for those who wish to work in professions like flight attendant or mechanic, which require practical and job-based skills rather than in-depth knowledge taught at school.

In conclusion, I am convinced that schooling until adulthood should never be obligatory but optional for all students. Flexible education duration may offer people with more choices to decide their life plans based on their own needs and ability.

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