IELTS Writing Test in May & Model Essay Band 8.5

IELTS Writing Test:

Some people think that people who choose a job early and keep doing it are more likely to get a satisfying in their career life than those who frequently change jobs. To what extent do you agree or disagree?


It is often said that individuals settling down with a permanent career soon seem to experience further satisfaction in their work than social members regularly altering their employment. However, from my standpoint, both these options could bestow comparable feelings of fulfillment.

On the one hand, it is undeniable that numerous people who can opt for a job early and maintain it may reap pleasure in their work. When realizing the job they have a craving for earlier in their life and might land this kind of job, individuals are likely to grasp privileges to expose to the majority of their aptitudes, skills and their expertise on their work. As a result, it is easy for them to make progress in their career and receive a high salary which may meet their requirements for entertainment or education. It is unquestionable that these appear to help create satisfactory with their job.

Notwithstanding, it is my conviction that individuals, who frequently hopping their jobs, can be likewise content with their employment. The first explanation is that when regularly changing their jobs, they may have multiple opportunities to accumulate diverse majors, skills and knowledge. Thus, they may step out of their comfort zones in order to experience feelings of satisfaction. Another cause could be that by virtue of regularly shifting their employment, social workers are likely to find the most appropriate position with their personal competences and aspiration. Hence, it would seem that job hoppers can also achieve exaltation in working.

Overall, it is sensible to conclude that not only people making an early choice of work and pursue it for their whole life but also individuals often changing their position can equally get satisfactory in their career.

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