IELTS Writing Task 2 Topic: TV or Radio and Model Essay

Some people think that radio is more enjoyable and practical than TV. What is your opinion?

Sample Essay

Television and radio have different intrinsic characteristics. While radio predates television by more than thirty years, it remains more practical in terms of mobility and accessibility, indeed having gained new life by often being relayed via the internet. Television in its various forms of free air, satellite and cable is certainly more entertaining by virtue of its visual and immersive nature.

Compared to what is broadcast on the radio, television programs are more enjoyable because they usually present a variety of topics in video format. The majority of radio programmes, such as the BBC World Service, are limited to reporting current affairs, but television, on the other hand, screens more appealing subjects. These include the latest films, documentaries, talk shows, interviews and so on. Additionally, television programmes are televised not only in audio format, like what the radio does, but also in video format. This provides their audiences with a more pleasing experience.

Having said that, it is true that the radio is more practical, primarily because of its portability which allows people to enjoy it on the move and it is not as costly as television. It is commonplace these days that people can download a radio application to their smart phones and they can then listen to it through this channel wherever they go, whereas viewing television is more complicated as it at least requires people to have a television. In addition, subscribing to cable television usually incurs a fee, but this is not applicable when it comes to the radio.

To reiterate, it is my belief that the radio is less enjoyable than television because it has a wider coverage on various subjects and broadcasts programmes in audio and video format, but it is more practical, as people can listen to it on the go and it costs less so that people can access it with ease.

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