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Some people say that what children watch on TV influences their behavior while others say the amount of time they spend watching TV influences their behavior. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

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There is much controversy surrounding effects of watching TV on children’s behavioral pattern. While it is often said that TV programs have discernible impacts on the ways children behave, a measure of time children channel into TV is also argued to be instrumental in shaping children’s manners. This essay will discuss both arguments and give a concluding viewpoint.

On the one hand, numerous social members tend to back the conviction that several behavioral ways of children can be shaped under the impact of television broadcasts. It would seem undeniable that children have an instinct for learning from and imitating the patterns of those who they may observe. In fact, in various parts of the world, the exposure to televised violent scenes in the films may trigger aggressive behaviors in children. Besides, no sooner do children get access to educationally oriented programs on the screen such as “Helping people to help themselves” than most of them are likely to be encouraged to behave in friendlier and thoughtful ways towards others.

Notwithstanding, the amount of time spent on TV programming also has deciding effects on children’s behavioral pattern. First, when diverting a sheer quantity of time into sitting on the screen so as to watch TV, various children, in all likelihood, are confronted with a sedentary lifestyle because they seemingly sit down on the TV screen and rarely take part in physical activities. Second, the long exposure to TV shows could deprive them of hours for participating in creative activities and socializing with other peers in reality. Therefore, this may be the main culprit of children’s poor social behaviors.

Overall, it is sensible for me to conclude that children’s behavioral pattern is strongly impacted by both TV programs and the time they allocate for watching TV. 

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