IELTS Speaking Recent Actual Test with Band 9 Model Answer

 Part 1

– What is your full name?
– Can I see your ID?
– Where are you from?
– Do you work or study?

What’s the weather (usually) like in your hometown?

It depends on the season, but most of the time it’s really hot in my hometown. And it’s been getting hotter and hotter in recent years … maybe one big reason is because of global warming.

What’s your favorite weather? (Why?)

Cool weather. It makes me feel really comfortable and ready to go out any time of the day. Just imagine sitting in the park, reading a book in the sunshine with the wind gently blowing through your hair. Isn’t that awesome?

Do you watch the weather forecasts?

Rather than the weather forecasts shown on TV, I often look at the ones on my smartphone – you know, there’re some applications that help predict the weather conditions for up to a week!

Does the weather ever affect what you do?

Yes, of course. For example, I tend to get really lethargic and lazy in the winter, all because of the cold weather. All I want to do is to get some nice sleep under my warm blanket and never have to leave the comfort of my home, and this seriously affects my work and study sometimes.

 Part 2

Talk about an interesting conversation you had, or a speech you heard. You should say:

– Who the speaker was
– When you heard him/her or talked with him/her
– What the speech/conversation was about
– Why it was interesting to you

Uhm, this is my favorite topic. When I was a student, I wasn’t very interested in any speech or talks. However, since I started my job as a teacher, I have enjoyed these talks a lot. I did hear a talk from a lecturer who comes from ERC University. He is a TESOL teacher, so the way he gave the talk really impressed me. Sitting in a big hall and listening to a talk actually isn’t a boring thing. The lecture presented different methodology in teaching English for high school students. Then, the talk visualized a variety of games to motivate students’ interests, such as snakes, battleships or puzzles. I have to admit that they are very creative and funny. Moreover, I did learn a lot from this talk, especially the games since I’ve never thought that games are really effective in class but they proved me wrong. The students like them a lot, which makes me believe in those new teaching methods. I think I will listen to these talks more when I have time.


  • lecturer [n] someone who teaches at a college or university
  • impress [v] to cause someone to admire or respect you because of something that you have done or said
  • admit [v] to agree that something is true, especially unwillingly
  • present [v] to give, provide or make known
  • methodology [n] a system of ways of doing, teaching or studying something
  • motivate [v] to make someone want to do something well
  • creative [a] producing or using original and unusual ideas

– effective [a] successful or achieving the results that you want

  • prove [v] to show that something is true

Part 3

– What abilities make a person a good public speaker?
– Is it good to use a video presentation or other visual aids during the speech?

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