IELTS Speaking Recent Actual Test in Australia

IELTS Speaking Topic:

Describe a painting or work of art that you have seen.

You should say:

when you saw this work of art

where you saw it

what it looked like

and explain your impression of it.


I’d like to talk about one of the most popular paintings in the world- Mona Lisa which was painted by  an Italian artist-Leonardo da vinci. This (1) masterpiece was (2)acclaimed  as the most recognized and most visited artwork in the history of art. The woman sits markedly upright in an armchair with her arms folded to (3) depict Lisa as a (4)virtuous woman and faithful wife. The painting was one of the first portraits to depict the sitter in front of an imaginary landscape, and Leonardo was one of the first painters to use toughest drawing technique of all the time. The painting is so famous as there are so many(5) hypothesis about it. What attracts me the most about this painting is Mona lisa’s charming smile. It’s not only the most beautiful feature on her face but also has lots of mysteries. Some people said that her smile looks different from different angle and it has been at the center of much debate and speculation over the years . The artist created a painting that worths a thousand words and has become the iconic painting of all the time.I personally think Mona Lisa is truly an impressive painting, after all it was painted by the great Leonardo DaVinci

  • masterpiece
  • be acclaimed as
  • depict
  • virtuous woman and faithful wife
  • hypothesis
  • at the center of much debate and speculation
  • a painting that worths a thousand words
  • iconic painting
  • the great

IELTS Speaking Recent Actual Test in Australia  in 2016 & Sample Answers

IELTS Speaking Part 1

Apartment/ house

  1. Do you live in a house or an apartment?

I live in a 2-storey house with my family. My house is kind of small but it’s really cozy and comfortable

  1. Tell me about where you live

Well, it’s in the south of the city so it isn’t as noisy as the downtown area. My living area has lots of trees and parks so I feel relaxed here

  1. How long have you lived there?

I’ve been living here for 22 years since I was born. I get used to living here so I don’t mind staying longer

  1. What do you like about living there?

The thing I like about this place is good security. There are less robbers and social problems so I feel safe when living here

  1. What kind of accommodation do most people live in your city?

I think it varies. Some people want more privacy so they live in a studio flat. Some likes living an an apartment as there are lots of service and better security

  1. What sort of accommodation would you most like to live in?

I’d like to have my own house. It would be not too big as I don’t want to clean the house everyday but not too small so I can have my private space. I also want to have a small garden to grow some flowers

  1. Do you prefer living in the house or a flat?

I’ll go for a flat. It’s true that living in a house has more freedom but I think that the flat often has modern facilities and many of them are fully furnished. So I believe it’s an ideal accommodation for me

  1. . Please describe the room you live in

My room is kind of small. It was painted in green that resembles trees. My room is the one I like the most because it always make me feel carefree


  1. Do you like singing?

Yes, I do though I’m not a good singer. I just sing whenever I feel happy or when there is no one around

  1. How often do you sing?

Most of the time, actually. I sing whatever song come my way although I often sing out of the tune. Music always cheer me up so singing is one of my hobbies

  1. What kinds of music do you like to sing?

I’m keen on pop music. it has catchy melody so it blows my mind whenever I listen to it

  1. Is it difficult to sing well?

I guess yes. Not many people have singing talent when they were born so by practicing continuously,they can sing well and become professional singer

  1. Do you want to be a singer?

No, I don’t. if I want to become a singer, it’s crucial to have strong vocal that is obviously impossible. So I’d rather be a fan rather than a singer

  1. Who is your favorite singer?

I’ve always been crazy fan of Christina Aguilera- a top singer in my country. She has excellent voice that can reach high notes. She is also an energetic volunteer in charity works so she has huge following thanks to that.

  1. Can you say that music is a very important part of your life?

Yes, absolutely. Music is like a mood savior for me when I feel blue. Without music,a day would be so boring and gloomy

IELTS Speaking Part 2

Describe the interesting app

You should say

what it is

how you use it

what benefits do you get

and explain why this mobile app is important to you.

Sample Answer

The app that I’d like to talk about is Zalora. Maybe for the men, this app isn’t so famous but for women, it is (1) irreplaceable in their cellphones. The app is a product of Zalora group which serves online shopping purposes. I (2)found this app on App store accidently.  There are lots of items suitable for both genders and they are (3) brilliantly designed.Zalora app has several sectors like New and Now to introduce(4)  lastest items  with different size and shape. However, my most favorite part is (5) bestseller items because I can buy limited ones. Thanks to fashion estore, my shopping is easier than ever as I don’t have to go to clothing store nor (6)stand in long queue.all I need to do is clicking on the item I want and the (7) merchandise will be delivered within a few days.  Besides, Zalora has more promotions than any (8) counterpart  so I can compare the prices and (9)get the best deal. I still use this app everyday so it’s definitely the (10) must-have app for (11) fashionista.

  • Irreplaceable
  • Find st accidently
  • brilliantly designed
  • lastest item
  • New arrivals
  • fashion estore
  • stand in long queue
  • merchandise
  • counterpart

(10)get the best deal

(11) must-have app


IELTS Speaking Part 3

  1. What do old people and young people use app for?

In my opinion, the elderly and the youngsters have similarities and different purposes when it comes to app.  Apps for recreation like playing games or listening to music are favored by both generations. It allows them to unwind and have some joyful moments. On the other hand, While the young prefer interactive games like fighting or hunting, old people are keen on doing puzzles or playing chess. Besides, Health apps are much more favorable to the elderly as they help them to control the amount of food they have and make healthier choices.  these apps hardly be seen in young people’s cell phone because they give priority to other things like study.

  1. Do you like games?

No, I don’t. I think it’s such a waste of time to play games. i don’t see it interesting at all so I wont spend my time for it

  1. What is the most popular app on computer in VN?

I guess different people have different hobbies. For the elderly, apps about e-news attract them more than others because they are informative and have up-to-the-minute update. Besides,  Everyone can update current affairs freely and conveniently.  For the youngsters, social networks like facebook dominates their time. With instant messaging feature, users are able to chat anytime anywhere so that’s why more and more young people use social media. However, I think there would be some changes in the future as apps are updated day by day

  1. how much time do your friend spend on using cell phone?

Some of my friends spend way too much time on their cellphones no matter where they are. If we hang out, they just sit around the table with their heads into their phones. The mobile phone is more attractive to them than talking so sometimes our conversations keep silence due to it.  Cell phone connects people but it also isolates them so I don’t support  the overuse of it.

  1. Do you think people should give their children the freedom of smartphone.
  • agree: Yes, I do agree. When the kids have their own cell phone, they’ll have a chance to be more responsible and have more freedom.Parents should give small talks to guide them how to use properly and effectively. The cell phone can be used as a parenting tool like setting good discipline for the kids.  They have to take care of their own cell phones and be responsible for any damage. Besides, having more freedom means that the children can use cell phone anytime without time limit. They can spend more time to learn online which is really useful.
  • Disagree: No, I don’t think so. Giving the kids freedom to use cell phone has some disadvantages. They can be easily distracted by the notification or disturbed by spam on the cell phone. so in the long term, their performance will be reduced. Another reason is that the more time they spend on mobile phone, the worse their eyesight. The kids may become addicted to the phone as they are keen on watching clips or playing games rather than studying. So I don’t support the idea.
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