IELTS Speaking Part 1 Topic: Television & Model Answers

Q1: Did you often watch television when you were a child?
Oh definitely. When I was a kid, my parents often sat me down in front of the telly and turned on some cartoons, trying to get me to finish my meal. We didn’t have cable TV, though, so I watched a lot of reruns of the same shows.

Telly (noun) informal term for television

Rerun (noun) A rerun or repeat is a rebroadcast of an episode of a radio or television program

Q2: Do you often watch TV recently?
Well, not really. I mean we have a TV set and cable subscription and all, but we don’t really watch the box all that much. I guess something that we still watch from time to time is The Voice, a singing competition. It’s all the rage in our country right now, and supposedly has really high viewership.

From time to time (idiom) sometimes

All the rage (phrase) to be very popular at a particular time

Q3: What kind of TV programmes do you like most?
I’m a fan of competitions on TV like, as I was saying, The Voice. I also find quiz shows quite interesting. I feel like I
really broaden my horizons and learn a wealth of knowledge about the world around me.
Q4: Do you think television has changed since you were a child?
Televisions indeed have been changing remarkably for the past few years. The technology has become so innovative and competitive to meet the customers’ high demand on entertainment. The variety of TV programs is no longer limited to national level but has reached to a number of foreign countries; and is significantly diversifying in content for audience preference.

To be innovative (adj): to be developed in technology

To meet one’s demand on Sth (v): to provide SO with Sth/to provide Sth for SO

To diversify (v): to vary, to have many choices available

Q5: Has television changed your life in any way?
I think watching TV has become a habit that I would hardly change. My family always watch news while having dinner together. Personally, I’d love watching TV for relaxing after studying as well as keeping myself updated on showbiz, music, movies, landscape discoveries and fields of science. Thus as long as I do not become a couch potato, TV has always played an important role in my life, making my life more colorful and opening in front of my eyes the places I’ve never been to.

Couch potato (phrase): a person who is addicted to watching TV

To play an important/key/crucial role in Sth (phrase): to be essential

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