IELTS Speaking Part 1 Topic: Birds with Band 9 Model Answers

Q1: Do you like birds?
Well, I take a very keen interest in nature, so I love to learn about different species of plants, animal kingdom, and yes, birds. They are truly fascinating creatures and they come in all shapes and sizes. Bird watching is one of my favorite things to do.

Develop a keen interest In (expression) to be very interested in something

Animal kingdom (phrase) the world of animals

Q2: Have you seen many kinds of birds?
Well, living in the city, birds are a rare sight. Most of the stuff about birds that I’ve seen is on documentaries of the great outdoors. I mean, I’ve seen some common breeds in real life like pigeons and such, but nothing too exotic.

Great outdoors (phrase) the woods, the wilderness, the wild

Exotic (adj) originating in or characteristic of a distant foreign country

Q4: How do people in your country feel about birds?
Overall, they are not very into birds. Only elderly people are fond of keeping birds. Most of people only like to eat them especially game birds like pheasants.  People in remote areas often hunt for birds in the wild and roast them over an open fire. They are considered a delicacy where I come from.

Game birds (noun) a bird that may be legally hunted according to the laws

Delicacy (noun) a choice or expensive food

Q5: Have you seen many different kinds of birds?
I have only seen a few, I am not much of a bird watcher The ones I have seen are pretty common, like pigeons and sparrows. I haven’t sighted any exotic breeds.

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