IELTS Cue Card Sample 132 Topic: A positive experience when you were a teenager

IELTS Speaking Part 2 Topic:

Describe a positive experience when you were a teenager.

You should say:

  • where and when you experienced it
  • what you did
  • who you experienced it with
  • and explain why this experience was positive for you.


Let me tell you about my experience to learn how to do babysitting when I was in secondary school. This experience really brought me positive energy because it aroused my enthusiasm to do other relevant things successfully.

Actually, I am the youngest person in my family, thus, I am accustomed to being taken care of instead of looking after others, especially for babies. One day, I was asked to look for a 3 year baby for my neighbor as she had an important appointment. As I was free from study, I agreed to take care of her baby for a while. I met that little girl before but not for so long but I thought it would be easy for me. She told me some important things on eating time, what kind of game the girl liked but I didn’t pay much attention to what she said. At the beginning of the morning, things ran smoothly as I played some games with her. We had an enjoyable meal prepared by my neighbor. After the meal, I was so exhausted from the morning, I wanted to take a nap but the girl didn’t let me do that. She asked me to continue playing with her, and bothering me with her toys. After figuring out that I didn’t want to play anymore, she immediately bursted into tears. I was tired to death of babysitting, and didn’t know what I could do to stop her from crying out. Then I called my neighbor, asking how to deal with this problem. She advised me to turn on television and let the baby watch her favorite cartoon. Thanks to her advice, the baby could calm down for nearly an hour, thus, I had time to rest. After that, I could play with her again, and it turned out that I could get along well with children.

That experience helped me to practice my patience, and the most important thing it taught me was to listen to advice from experienced ones. Besides, it had a significant influence on my career choice later, as I was in love with working with children since then.


  • pay attention to: focus on Sth

Ex: I pay a lot attention to work

  • figure out: to understand or solve something:

Ex: If they know the cause of the problem, they might be able to figure out how to prevent it happening again.

  • burst into tears:to suddenly start to cry

Ex: She immediately bursted into tears.

  • be tired to death of (something): To be or become exceedingly wearied by, bored of, or exasperated with something.
  • Cry out: to scream or shout aloud
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