IELTS Cue Card Sample 104 – Topic: A Place You Relax

Describe a place where you relaxed

You should say:
where this place is
what it is like
how you spend time there
and explain why you think it is a good place for relaxation.


In this hectic life, it is easy for people to get stressed out from different situations. Therefore, we all need a place of rest and relaxation where we can temporarily get away from the hustle and bustle of the daily life. Everyone needs a place to hide away. For me, that is the kitchen. I choose blue and white for kitchen’s wall because those colors help me to unwind. On top of that, I enjoy every single moment spent in the kitchen. When I cook in the kitchen, I find myself in another world where I am able to mix all ingredients together to try out a brand new recipe. Therefore, there are many baking stuff and machines arranged nicely in my kitchen. After cooking, I usually invite some of my close to come over and throw a party to enjoy my home-made cakes and dishes; but every now and then, I just cook for my family. My mother and father always give some generous compliments on my cooking skills and keep telling me that cooking is my inborn talent, which makes me jump for joy. That’s why I always love to be in the kitchen. It also becomes a very social place where everyone in the house gathers together to have a small chit-chat about our daily life. Therefore, kitchen, for me, represents a place of spiritual meaning. I believe that the warm from kitchen will warm up the house and the moments we spend in the kitchen can help strengthen the family bonds.


Stress out (verb) be nervous, worried

Get someone or something away from someone or something (phrasal verb) to take someone or something away from someone or something, in any combination

The hustle and bustle of something (phrase) busy and noisy activity

Hide away (phrasal verb)

Try out a brand new recipe (phrase) try a new recipe

Unwind (verb) To become free of nervous tension; relax

Every now and then (idiom) sometimes

Throw a party (phrase) arrange a party

Chit-chat (noun) friendly conversation about things that are not very important

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