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Hospitality Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes

This is the responsibility of Food & Beverage Personnel to maintain the high standard of service, it is extremely important because guests are in close contact with F&B Personnel and also guest pay close attention to their Personal Hygiene and as well as they monitor their character in the mean of reliability, cooperativeness, knowledge,  health etc.

The higher standard should be maintained by the Food & Beverage Service Personnel because first impression in the food service area plays the vital role regarding to create a favorable image and attracting them back again.

Hospitality Knowledge

  • Familiarity with the Work place.
  • Rules of Hotel as well as Food & Beverage Department.
  • Knowledge of all the Departments Coordinate with.
  • Knowledge of equipment’s, tools used within the Department.
  • Knowledge of all menu and the prices coated in the menu.
  • Dining Etiquette.
  • Grooming & Hygiene.
  • Safety ness of property as well as customers.
  • Fire prevention.
  • Sanitation procedures used in the hotel.
  • Casino rules & regulation.

Hospitality Skills

The most important aspect for the service provider is to have two skills. One is social meaning the interaction between the staff and the guest and the next is technical means i.e. the ability to perform the task to the set standard of the hotel/restaurant. These skill are

Social skill

  • They should know about the manner of greeting, seating the guest.
  • They should have good skill in handling of lost and found property.
  • They should know the local news, events and current affairs so that they can enter into pa proper conversation with the customers.
  • They should have entrepreneurial quality.
  • They should have of effective communication skill.
  • They should have pleasing personality and professional appearance.

Technical Skills

  • The ability to place the cutlery, crockery, glassware etc. on the table correctly.
  • Carrying the tray.
  • Handling of glassware.
  • Service of drinks.
  • Service of plated food.
  • Clearing plates from the table.
  • Serving food from the dishes.
  • Carving meat at the table.
  • Mixing of drinks or making cocktails.
  • Preparation of Bar & Restaurant for service.

These are the few examples of technical skills but apart from these the F & B staffs should have the social Skills.

Hospitality Attitudes

It is well known that hotel business is an admixture of showmanship, diplomacy and sociability. So, it is essential for food and beverage service staff to apply the following basic dining etiquettes to give the guest a good dining experience.

  • Able to do any kind of manual as well as mechanical works.
  • Attend the guests promptly when they enter the restaurant.
  • Greet the guest cheerfully by addressing them.
  • Willingness to serve.
  • Do not use aggressive tone of voice.
  • Do not eat while service.
  • Avoid touching hair, nose, eyes, ears and scratching the body in front of the guests.
  • Always maintain personal hygiene.
  • Work as a member of a team, and be as helpful as you can.
  • Capacity to take orders from the seniors.
  • Cheerful attitude towards his work and people.
  • Co-operate.
  • Pride in his work.
  • He must realize that he/she is a representative of the organization and act in a manner, which is in the accordance with the organization status.

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