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Food & Beverage Service Areas and Equipment’s

The décor and ambience of Food & beverage service area plays a vital and important role on order to give a customer first impression. The creation of atmosphere by the right selection of furnishing, equipment’s and service materials is therefore a contributing factor to the success of the food & beverage service department. A careful selection of items in terms of shape, size, color and pattern enhances the overall décor and theme and contribute towards a feeling of a total harmony. The choice of furniture and its placement, linen, table ware, small equipment’s and glassware will be determined by considering the following points.

  • The type of clientele expected.
  • The site or location.
  • The layout of the food & beverage service area.
  • The type of service offered.
  • The budget or fund available.

The general points that must be considered when purchasing equipment for a food and beverage service area are.

  • Décor and Theme of the Outlet.
  • The type of service being offered.
  • Type of Customer.
  • Psychological effect on guests.
  • Design, color and shape of the equipment.
  • Stack ability
  • Availability in the future - Replacements
  • Standard of the Outlet.
  • Durability of Equipment.
  • Ease of Maintenance.
  • Availability after stocks runs out.
  • Storage
  • Delivery Time
  • Flexibility of use

In general five main service areas can be distinguished especially in a large establishments, those are.

  • Still Room or Pantry
  • Silver or Plate Room
  • Wash-Up
  • Hotplate
  • Spare Linen Store

Still Room or Pantry

The main function of the still room is to provide items of food and beverage required for the service of a meal in the hotel. The duties performed in this service area will vary according to the type of meals offered and the size of the concerned establishment.


Silver Room or Plate Room

In the large and more luxurious establishments, the silver room or plate room as it is sometimes known is the separate service area. The silver room holds the complete stock of silver required for the service of all meals together with a slight surplus stock in the case of any emergency. Wash-Up

This is the place near by both Food & Beverage Service and Food Production department where waiters deposit the soiled or dirty crockery, cutleries for washing, storing and for re-use. The silver utensils or silverware are also washed here.


Hot Plate

The hotplate may be regarded as the meeting point between the food and beverage service staff and food preparation staff. Active co-operation and good relationship between the staff of these two service areas helps a great deal to ensure that the customer receives an efficient and quick service of the meal, from a polite courteous waiter who has not roused because of bad service at the hotplate. This co-operation will ensure that all the dishes served are well and attractively presented.

Spare Linen Store

Another back of house service area that is generally found within the establishments is the spare linen cupboard or store. This is normally the responsibility of the senior member of food and beverage service staff and is kept locked for control purposes. This spare linen stock is held near the food and beverage service area in case of emergency. The linen is changed when necessary on the basis of one clean for one dirty.


Tableware is further subdivided into

  • Flatware/ Cutlery
  • Hollowware

Flatware or Cutlery

Flatware comprises all the equipment’s required to handle the food while dining. These are made of steel or brass and then plated with silver and also referred as silverware.

        Forks                                           Spoons                       Knives

        A.P. (All Purpose) Fork               Dessert Spoon            A.P. (All Purpose) Knife

        Fish Fork                                     Soup Spoon                Fish Knife

        Oyster Fork                                 Tea Spoon                  Fruit Knife

        Service Fork                                Service Spoon                        Bread & Butter Knife

        Snail Fork                                    Coffee Spoon             Steak Knife

        Dessert Fork                                Tea Spoon                  Cheese Knife

        Carving Fork                               Bar Mixing Spoon       Carving Knife

        (Wooden Handle)                                                            (Wooden Handle)

        Fruit Fork                                                                         Oyster Knife

Cleaning Tips

  • Immerse into hot water container with vinegar.
  • Take dry waiter cloth and polish them dry.
  • Do not contact with your fingers after polishing them dry.
  • Use proper drawers for safety ness.
  • Use round/continental tray with tray cover to the cutlery to your side station or Dummy waiter.
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