Write two paragraph predicting future problems concerting world population. Also suggest there solution to deals with the problems?

The population of the world has been increasing day by day people begin to think about the negative consequences of it. So in future days many nations will implement the single child plan and people will use more contraceptive .For the former use can take the example of child. When there become too many people to rear them, it needs more area and food .For their shelter people begin to chop the jungle. When people chopped down the forest, On the one hand the world lost the green nature and oxygen which we get from forest on the other hand the world has to face heavy rainfall as well as draught.

When there become less number of trees the layers of oxyen is deployed. As a result the harmful rays of sun directly came into the earth. As a result people become the victim of many diseases like skin cancer eyes cactus etc. on the other hand the temperature of the world comes up.AS a result the natural resources like Himals lost snow from their area. It means the snow begins to melt. As a result the world has to face the problem of global warming.

To solve all those problems at first all the people must be conscious about the negative effect of overpopulation. The government must conduct the programs which encourage single child concept. In developing nations government can conduct the programs for the formals to encourage them to control the child's birth. When those women became aware, it helps to control the population.

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