Describe the importance of computers and the Internet in your own like.

Computers and the internet are the pivotal bones for our lives. Since computers and Internet are the means by which modern vast world is united and became one, computer technology has greatly changed human life into easier, and faster way. We can store, create and recreate the information in such a way which is impossible outside it. Nowadays every office, shopping mall, company business agency or any other category use computer which has become as important as respiratory system.

Internet is the outline information center by which an ill informed passion can make these ideas clear without in veiling money and joining colleges. The best and the clearest means of study which obliviously enlighten the people's lives and society. It has been great boon to humanity. Computer and Internet are the means by which one, wakes up with, deals with, talks with, and continues the job.

These achievements show how far we have progressed in the course of human history. It is the link between our future generation because it collects and stores the views from past to the present and predict the future too. Therefore, it is highly important in our lives. The basic needs are very few but the need for computer and Internet is far more important than that we care for our appetite.

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