Free Entrance Examination for Grade 11

Entrance Practice 1

  • AG Tansley coined the term “Ecosystem”.
  • Hackel gave the correct definition of Ecology.
  • Reiter coined the term ecology in the form of ooikiolous.
  • Prophase-I consists of 5 sub stages:
  • Leptotene : Also called thin threaded or bouquet stage.
  • Zygotene: Pairing of homologous chromosomes occurs.
  • Pachytene: Crossing over takes place.
  • Diplotene: Chiasmata formation occurs.
  • Diakinesis: Terminalization of chiasmata occurs.
  • Seperation of homologous chromes occurs in Anaphase-I.
  • Centromere of each chromosome seperates in Anaphase-II.
  • Allele – contrasting pair of characters. Eg tall and dwarf
  • Cauliflower is the largest inflorescence.
  • companion cellthat helps transport carbohydrates from outside the cells into the sieve tube
  • The main functionof the sieve tube is transport of carbohydrates, primarily sucrose, in the plant 

Cnidology –Study of coelenterates or cnidarians

Myocology- study of fungi

Herpetology- study of reptiles

  • Echinodermata- water vascular system
  • Mollusca –presence of radular teeth in pharynx, calcareous shell
  • Arthropoda- presence of jointed appendages, haemocoelomate etc
  • Ammonotelic- excretes ammonia as a major excretory waste
  • Ureotellic- excretes urea as a major excretory waste
  • Uricotellic -excretes uric acid as a major excretory waste
  • Aminotellic -excretes aminoacids as a major excretory waste
  • Cerebellum- balancing body
  • medulla oblongata – controls respiration, heart beat and peristalsis
  • optic lobe- controls vision
  • cerebral cortex- helps in memory, intelligence, judgement, logical thinking

kala- azar is transmitted by sand fly.

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