Hotel Management

Departments that F&B Service Department Coordinates

Front Office Department

Arrival and Departure

The information regarding the guest arrival and their departure is maintained by the           front desk, so Food and beverage service department needs to be closely coordinated with front desk regarding the departure of the resident guest as well as new expected arrival.

Guest Information

        Food and beverage service department is also responsible to serve the food and       beverage in the guest room itself if having room service facilities. Therefore this      department needs the information like guest name with respective room number, plan        and length of stay etc to serve the meal and drink efficiently and effectively as well as   for the billing procedure.

VIP Procedure

        The information regarding the VVIP, VIP, and CIP’s should be known by this department for the courteous and efficient service which reflects the image of the        establishments and helps in future business as well. Room service is the outlet that          receives the VIP’s amenities voucher from the front desk to serve the gestures    provided by the management in the room prior to the arrival of the guest. Therefore          food and beverage service department needs to work closely with front desk to get the information regarding VIP and all.

Housekeeping Department

Linen and Uniform

Housekeeping is responsible to provide the linens of different outlets of food and   beverage department as well as to issue the fresh and clean uniform to the food and beverage service staffs. While issuing the linen and uniform, the golden rule is one           clean for one dirty must be followed for the controlling purpose.

Housekeeping department needs to be informed immediately if any linen or uniform has been lost or needs any mending work. Food and beverage department also coordinate with housekeeping department for the par stock of linen and uniform which needs to be updated frequently.

Lost and Found

Food and beverage service department serves the food and beverage in the various         outlets which is opened for the public, residents as well as non-residents. If any       articles found in the public places or in the departure guest room by room service attendant, it must be immediately informed to the housekeeping department and should be handed over to the lost and found supervisor or housekeeper so it can be handed over to the concerned guest if came later to claim.

VIP Amenities

After receiving the VIP amenities voucher from the front desk, Food and beverage service department needs to inform the housekeeping regarding for the flower arrangement in that particular respective room.


        Food and beverage service department needs to inform the housekeeping regarding             the cleaning of their outlets such as dining room, restaurants, bar, banquet etc.


  • To deliver ordered food of the guest in time in their guest table.


  • To receive the requisitioned goods and stationery items required by restaurant and bar.

Engineering department

  • To repair necessary electrical equipment’s, furniture, fixtures, plumbing etc.

Account department

  • To handle guest bill and post them in billing section of the accounts department.

To provide daily sales summary of the restaurant and bar

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