Compulsory English 2071 NEB Board Questions Solutions Partials


Compulsory English

For Partial Student

Candidates are required to give their answer in their own words as far as practicable. The figures in the margin indicate full marks.

Time - 3 hrs.                                                                                            Full Marks:-100

Pass Marks:-35

. Attempt all the questions.

  1. Read the following passage and answer the questions below: 5x3=l5

Cheung Yan is one of the most successful businesswomen in the world. She made billions of dollars. How did she do it? Does she sell computers? Does she sell diamonds? Does she sell real estate? No. She sells trash. In fact, many people call her the Queen of Trash.

Cheung was born in China in 1957. Her family wasn't rich. When Cheung was a young woman, she worked as an accountant. She saved some money, and she moved to Hong Kong. There, she became interested in the paper trash business. She and two partners started a company with a small amount of money. The company collected paper trash and sold it to paper mills.

Then Cheung had an idea. China had a shortage of paper. Cheung knew just where to get paper for China, in 1990, she and her husband moved to Los Angeles. They found paper-tons of it. They drove their van to garbage dumps around Los Angeles. They collected the paper trash. Then they exported the trash to China. What did Chinese factories do with Cheung's paper trash ? They recycled it and made cardboard, a thick, stiff paper. Then they made the Cardboard into packing boxes. They used the boxes to pack "Made in China" products, such as toys, electronics, and clothing. They sent these products to the United States and Europe.

In 1996, Cheung moved back to China. She started her own paper-making company called Nine Dragons paper. Today, Cheung buys paper trash in the United States and Europe. She sends it to her factory in China. Then she makes it into materials for packaging. Big companies like Sony use her packaging. When people in the United States receive their "Made in China" products, they throw the packaging boxes away as trash,Cheung gets the boxes and recycles them again into packaging.

What kind of a person is Cheung ? She's a little mysterious. She almost never gives interviews. Other businesspeople say she's good at making deals. She develops good strategies for her business. She works very hard, and she expects her employees to work hard, too.

The Queen of Trash is a hard working businesswoman. She started her own company and she made it grow. What will her future be ? She hopes she will be successful for many years. Cheung knows one important thing: There will always be paper trash that she can recycle again and again.


  1. Why is Cheung Yan called the Queen of Trash ?

She’s good at making deals. She develops good strategies for her business. She works very hard, and she expects her employees to work hard which makes her to be queen of Trash.

  1. How did she help to solve the paper shortage in China?

She recycled a paper material and brought into practice. It helped to solve the paper shortage in China.

  1. What was done with the paper trash by the mills?

The paper traced by a mill was recycled and made cardboard, a thick, stiff paper. Then they made the Cardboard into packing boxes.

  1. What did she do after returning to China?

She started her own paper-making company called Nine Dragons paper.

  1. What makes her hopeful that she will be successful for many years?

She hopes she will be successful for many years. Cheung knows one important thing: There will always be paper trash that she can recycle again and again.

  1. Make comments based on the following statements using looks as if/as
    though. 5
    Example : you see a man lying underneath a car,

He looks as if he wants to commit suicide. He looks as though he is drunk.

  1. You see a big crowd gathered on the street.

They look as if they have seen an accident.

  1. When you get into the kitchen, you get a very bad smell.

It smells as if the kitchen has been caught by fire.

  1. When you touch your friend's shirt, you can feel it wet.

It feels as though somebody has stitched bubble gum.

  1. You see a man crying in front of a hospital.

He looks as if he has lost his family member.

  1. When you go to school, you see the gate closed.

It looks as if the school remains closed.

  1. Rewrite these sentences beginning 'If there's one thing...' 5
  2. People who drive very fast irritate me.

If there is one thing that irritates me it’s people who drive very fast.

  1. I detest people who disturb me when I'm working.

If there is one thing I detest it’s people who disturb me when I'm working

  1. I hate people who don't speak politely with kids.

If there is one thing that irritates me it’s people who drive very fast

  1. People who are cruel to animals upset me.

If there is one thing that upsets me it’s people who are cruel to animals.

  1. I loathe people who ring me up early in the morning.

If there is one thing I loathe it’s people who ring me up early in the morning.

  1. Change the sentences below, using must, can't and might/may. 5
  2. I'm sure they didn’t come.

They can’t have come.

  1. Perhaps he's going to take me out.

He may be going to take me out.

  1. I'm sure he's been drinking.

He must have been drinking.

  1. Perhaps she isn't studying.

She may not be studying.

  1. I'm sure he's not a Nepali.

He can’t be a Nepali.

  1. Rewrite the sentences below as shown in the example. 5

Example : They moved in. They gave us a house-warming party.

As soon as they had moved in, they gave us a house-warming party.

  1. I filled in the form and submitted it straight away.

As soon as I had filled in the form , I submitted it straight away

  1. I told him about my problem and he instantly offered to help.

As soon as I told him about my problem, he instantly offered to help.

  1. The concert finished and then I went straight to my place.

As soon as the concert had finished, I went straight to my place

  1. He left the school right after the class ended.

 As soon as he had left the school , the class ended.

  1. He got his gift, and he immediately called up his friends.

 As soon as he had got his gift, he  called up his friends

  1. Express the following instructions in proper order as shown in the
    example. 5

Example : cross the road/look both ways.

You should look both ways before you cross the road....

  1. pay the bill/check it

You shouldn’t pay the bill ways before you have checked.

  1. check the ticket/get into the bus

You should check the ticket before get into the bus.

  1. bandage a wound/clean it

You shouldn’t bandage a wound before you have cleaned it.

  1. buy a gift/go to a birthday party

You should buy a gift before go to a birthday party.

  1. ask for permission/get inside the class

You should ask for permission before get inside the class.

  1. Continue the remarks below as shown in the example. 5

Example : I can't get to sleep.

This is the first time I've ever slept in a tent. I've never flown at night before.

  1. I can't eat any more...

This is the first time I've ever become sick.

  1. She's feeling very drowsy...

She has never studied till late night before.

  1. I hope they have reached home...

This is the first time I've ever remained far from my parents.

  1. Do you think you could speak a little louder...?

This is the first time I've ever heard English.

  1. My hands are hurting real bad...

This is the first time I've ever played volleyball.

  1. Write an essay on "Controlling Environment Pollution at School" in 200

Controlling Environment Pollution at School"

Pollution means contamination and there are many different types of pollution such as environmental pollution and noise pollution. Environmental pollution is the biggest challenge facing humanity as pollution of the air and sea directly affects our lives. The human existence can come under threat if pollution level increases to hazardous level. In fact, some country frequently faces the haze-related pollution yearly due to wild fires in their neighboring country aggravated by the practice of open burning in our country. Factories too are culprits as they emit pollutants and hazardous waste substances either into the air or into the sea. The increasing number of vehicles which emit the dangerous carbon monoxide and green house gases add to the danger we face from pollution.

The earth's atmosphere is constantly being exposed to hazardous materials due to rapid development and human activity to advance their lives. The industrial west like America and Europe is the biggest culprit as they are the world's biggest polluters.

Students can play a role in helping to reduce pollution and create a healthy atmosphere for us to engage in activities without fear for our health. They can contribute to reducing the emission of harmful gas into the air by either walking or cycling to school. Most students go to school either by car or school bus and the carbon monoxide released by these vehicles is very harmful when breathed in large quantities. It can even cause deaths. Those who stay at a distance from their school should either car pool or use the services of a school bus. This can drastically cut down emissions from vehicles especially during peak hours.

Open burning is another major source of air pollution. Burning rubbish openly releases many harmful chemicals and gases and thus, should be avoided altogether. Many adults themselves are unaware of this. It is the duty of students to spread this awareness and even set an example by tying up garbage or garden refuse in garbage bags to be collected by council workers.

Smoking too pollutes the atmosphere. The number of smokers in the country has not declined despite nationwide campaigns against smoking. Smoking among students has become a trend and thus, it is vital that these students top smoking to ensure an environment free from cigarette smoke. The later causes cancer and heart diseases among others.

In addition, students can play their role as responsible citizen by reporting to authorities if they come across vehicles spewing out smoke on the roads or factories emitting smoke and hazardous chemicals into the atmosphere. Immediate action would stem this problem as there are many factories use the river as an outlet to channel their dangerous waste materials.

Hence, each student has a role to play in reducing pollution. The latter is already contributing to global warming which threatens our existence in the not-too-distant future. The understanding of the dangers of pollution has to start at a young age and students especially are well poised to live a life that is pollution free as well as spread awareness on the importance of a safe future.


  1. Write paragraph on your impression of your favourite teacher. 5

My favorite teacher is Mr. Adhikari. I like the way he teaches to his students. He is not only polite according to the need of time but also a man of hard voices. He always suggests his students for transformation and creativity. I’m highly impressed by the creative suggestions of my English teacher.

  1. Write a paragraph on an incident where you regret the decision you

I wish I hadn’t been in the state of confusion. I should have studied a lot to score more marks. If I had studied a lot, I would have scored more marks.  Then I had been a doctor.  I wish I had helped my people a lot.  I wish I had not applied foreign country for my further study.

  1. Answer any five questions: 5×3=15
  2. Sketch the character of Gretel in Keillor's version of the story. (Gretel)

Gretel in Keller’s version is presented as a bold female character who has performed agentive role throughout the story. The voice is Gretel remains dominant to the voice of Gretel.

  1. What seems to be the King's purpose in making the speech?

(I Have a Dream)

Martin Luther King’s dream is to put and an end to all sorts of inequalities and injustices upon blacks. His aim is to end all types of discriminations and segregations which are in America. He wishes to ensure voting rights, equal rights, and citizenship rights. He dreams to cash the check.

Standing on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C., on August 28, 1963, Martin Luther King, Jr., delivered what is regarded today as one of the greatest speeches in American history. King himself seemed to sense the historic importance of the moment as he opened his “I Have a Dream” speech by calling the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom “the greatest demonstration for freedom in the history of our nation.” The landmark protest, which drew more than 200,000 people, announced a turning point in the civil rights movement and set the stage for the movement’s two most important legislative achievements, the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

In this speech Martin Luther addresses both Black and White to maintain the relationship together. He says that the blacks were deprived of the rights of freedom and speech. Though the freedom was already mentioned, written, and granted in the Declaration of Independence it was not implemented. So the speech “I Have a Dream” searches the same freedom which was said to have given was still delayed. Luther’s speech united both Blacks and Whites to unite the segregation created by racial injustice.

Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation in 1863. But the slavery still exists and injustice prevails all around America. What the Black people lack is justice, freedom and equality. The Blacks after 100 years still do not have the rights mentioned in the constitution. Life, liberty and pursuit of happiness was already written and guaranteed in the constitution but it was not used and followed. Promises of democracy have to be made real and the blacks to be lifted up from the valley of segregation. So, Luther encourages both Blacks and Whites to go together hand in hand. Both Blacks and Whites are complimentary to each other. King, in a poetic and moving manner speaks out his dreams: dreams of equality, justice, brotherhood, liberty and freedom. Freedom from the bondage of slavery is deeply longed in this speech

  1. What is the main idea of the poem "God's grandeur”?

This poem is written by British poet G.M Hopkins in this sonnet he glorifies the greatness of go in this world blending accurate observation with lofty imagination The god is omnipotent,omniscient,omnipresent.

The poet Hopkins denounces the greedy nature of men. He is against industrialization and materialistic thinking of the ‘Victorian Age’. The poem highlights the god’s magnificent creation of nature. Although man is greedy, mean destructive and wasteful he may still hope to be saved by god who broods over the immense universe. The god loves us perpetually providing the facilities of the world.

The idea Hopkins wants to convey is of devotion to the god we should be thankful to his abundant creation.

  1. Describe the relationship between the boy's uncle and his wife.

(A Story)

See pg.

  1. Describe the nature of murderer. (The Tell-tale Heart)

See pg.

  1. What are the practices of child-rearing seen in traditional societies?

(A Child is Born)

See pg.

  1. Answer any one of the following questions: 10
  2. How does the nature of the boy change in the span of time from the
    first time he saw the ship to the time when he captures it ?

see pg.

(The Last Voyage of the Ghost Ship)

  1. Summarize the story "The Boarding House".

The story ‘The boarding house’ is written by Irish writer James Joyce. Joyce is a modernist writer who depicts the consciousness of modern human beings through his character. His story the boarding house reflects the psyche of adolescence and social importance of marriage. In the story marriage offers promise and profit on the hand and entrapment and loss upon on the other SIMPLE AFFAIR BECOMES A TRACTIAL GAME of obligation for Mr. Doran, Marriage is more about social standards, public perception, formal sanctions then more feelings. Mrs. Mooney her son and daughter Polly and Jack Mooney as well as Mr. Doran are the main character who are used by James Joyce to reflects the Irish society. Mrs. Mooney uses her daughter Polly Mooney to manipulate and entrapped Mr. Doran.

                 Mrs. Mooney who is the owner of A Boarding house is a daughter of butcher who weds with helper of his father. After they got married Mrs. Mooney and her husband open a butcher shop in Dublin. After few years her husband become a drunkard and ruined the business. In one night he came with the knife to kill MRS. Mooney. After that Mrs. Mooney went to the priest and got a separation from him. She took the responsibility of her two children for her living Mrs. Mooney opened a Boarding house where different young man and the tourist come to live. All the resident of the boarding house called her as the madam. Mrs. Mooney son Jack worked as a clerk to a commission agent. Her daughter Polly Mooney was a typist in a corn factors office frequently, Mrs. Mooney told her to dis join her job. After that, Polly Mooney began to help her mother in the boarding house. She also began to flirt the young boys. Although Polly fail to attract the other young boys, she got success to get the attention of Mr. Doran. Mr. Doran was an almost thirty five years young man. He worked in the shop of merchant of alcohol. His social prestige was high in the Dublin city\. Although the neighborhood people as well as the guest of Mooney’s boarding house talked a lot about the affair of Polly Mooney and Mr. Doran. Mrs. Mooney remain silent one day Mrs. Money called her daughter and asked her relation with Mr. Doran. In one of the Sunday morning of the summer Polly Mooney entered in the room of Mr. Doran and began to weep. She also reveal that she had already talked about their relation with her mother. During that time Doran hade made two attempts two shaves but his hands were shaking. He began to thinks about his future. As he had already taken the advantage of Polly in experience and youth he should be ready for compensation. As everyone knew the business of Polley Mooney and Doran he had no way out. Then Doran recalled his passed days which he waged with Polly. Although he had enough money to settle his life in Dublin city, he did not like to wed Polly he should dis joint his job. He was also mindful about the nature of Jack Mooney. Everywhere Doran fall in the cage which was by Mooney. While he was called by Mrs. Mooney He was swinging in the delirium. When Doran talked with Mrs. Mooney he might be coming to wait Polly Mooney to convince Doran Mrs. Mooney might have talked about the extramarital relation of Doran and Polly Mooney. When the people of her boarding house and the neighbors knew their relation than only Mrs. Mooney talked with Doran. Although he may not have desire to wait Polly Mooney, he had not other way out. So, he might have reluctantly un willingly accepted the proposed of Mrs. Mooney to wed her daughter .in this way MR. Doran fell in trap the conspiracy of Mrs. Mooney. Due to her unsuccessful married life, Mrs. Mooney might have desire to bond the relation with the man of middle class. At last she got success to maintain a relationship with the middle class which helps to uplift the prestige of Mooney’s family. The marriage of Polly Mooney and Mr. Doran does not refers to the union of desires rather it is a social status marker.

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