Chemistry XI

Chemistry 11 Important Questions

  1. What are the observations alpha-ray scattering experiment? What are the conclusions made about the structure of atom?
  2. Give the postulates of Bohr's atomic model.
  3. How does Bohr's atomic model explain the origin of Hydrogen spectra?
  4. Derive ideal gas equation, Pv = nRT.
  5. Give the postulates of kinetic molecular theory of gases.
  6. State and explain Graham's law of diffusion.
  7. Write short note on law of mass action.
  8. Derive relation between Kpand Kc.
  9. Write shortnote on le-chatelier's principle.
  10. Discuss the manufacture of ammonia by Haber's process.
  11. Discuss the manufacture of Nitric acid by Ostwald's process.
  12. Discuss the manufacture of sulphuric acid by contact process.
  13. How is SO2gas preparedin the lab?
  14. How is H2S gas prepared in the lab?
  15. How is CO gas prepared in the lab?
  16. How is Bromine manufacture from Carnallite?
  17. How is HBr gas prepared in the lab?
  18. Discuss the Down's process for the extraction of sodium.
  19. Discuss the Castner-Kellener's process for the manufacture of caustic soda.
  20. Discuss the solvay process for manufacture of sodium carbonate.
  21. Give the chemistry of quick lime.
  22. Give the chemistry of bleaching powder.
  23. Write short note on homologous series.
  24. How is ethane gas prepared in the lab?
  25. How is acetylene gas prepared in the lab?
  26. Write the short notes on Isomerism.
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