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Attributes of Front office personnel’s

It is required that the staffs in the front office department present one of the best look in the hotel as they are the most seen staff within the entire hotel. The staffs working in front office assumes great importance in the smooth working, which has a great importance in the efficient operation of the hotel. The attributes of front office staff are as follows.

  • Personal grooming
  • Clean uniform neatly pressed.
  • Well groomed hair.
  • Ladies tie their hair with net.
  • Nails well manicured.
  • Must be best all the time.
  • Do not use excessive jewelries.
  • Personal Hygiene
  • Take daily shower
  • Wash your hair as needed.
  • Brush your teeth often.
  • Clip fingernail short.
  • Wear a clean and pressed uniform and apron.
  • Wash your hand often.
  • Cover all cuts, burns and boils with bandage.
  • No chewing gums during service.
  • Self confidence
  • Should be comfortable of dealing with different guest.
  • Feel at ease in dealing with guest.
  • Clear communication
  • Good voice
  • Clear and pleasant tone.
  • Able to communicate in more two languages.
  • Diplomacy
  • Diplomatic dealing with different guest.
  • Diplomatic approaches are only the key element to satisfy the guests.
  • Calmness
  • High degree of tolerance.
  • Work under pressure.
  • Be calm and with helping attitude.
  • Good \Manner
  • Show the basic etiquettes.
  • Wish the guest with the time of the day.
  • Ready to smile
  • Be cheerful with a smiling face.
  • Be always ready to smile while dealing with the guests.
  • Physical fitness
  • Should be sturdy as they need to work by standing whole the shift.
  • Active
  • Quick decision
  • It should posses the ability to decide quickly a course of action that satisfies the guest without hampering the interest of the operation.

Check-In & Check- Out Procedure

The highly visible duty of the front office receptionist is to check in and checkout of all the guests. It may seem as simple as greeting people and making them feel warm welcome, however when the front office is busy, the patience and the skill of the staff may be tested to their limits. This job is done by door man, bell boy, receptionist, cashier, room service, housekeeping.

Check-In & Check-Out procedures consist of several simple but essential steps each of which is important to efficient room management and keeping of a pleasant and orderly atmosphere at the lobby area.

Check-In Procedure

Check-In of the guest refers to the process of registration of the guest and assignment of room after verifying the guests’ details and method of payment. Different steps involved are as follows

  • On arrival of guest, the door attendant, singles the bellboy in the bell desk.
  • Bellboys approach the vehicle and wish the guest.
  • Remove and collect the baggage and bring it to the lobby and keep at bell desk.
  • Luggage tags are attached to the luggage. Bellboys wait for the guest until the guest finish the formalities at the reception.
  • Once the guest checks- In, they will be allotted a room by the receptionist and handed over the guest room key along with errand card to the bellboy.
  • The bellboy will lead the guest to the assigned room along with luggage.
  • The door is opened by the bellboy.
  • The luggage will be placed on the luggage rack provided in the room after entering.
  • Then bellboy explains to the guest, the different amenities, heating and lighting system and other facilities in the room.
  • Offer any other helps to the guest. If not required wish a pleasant stay and leave the room.
  • Do not solicit for tips, get back to the bell desk and hand over the errand card to the captain.
  • Check-Out Procedure
  • Checking out of single room is not difficult but when we consider a group checking out, it is another difficult time for front office. All guest rooms are approached by the bellboys and help the guest to bring the luggage down.
  • The procedures of handling guest departure are:
  • Guest calls the bell desk informing his/her intention to check-out.
  • Bell captain takes down the room number on the departure errand card and gives to the reception to precede guest billings.
  • Bell boy reports to the guest room and knocks the door announcing bell boy.
  • Wishes the guests and collects the entire luggage and checks around the room for as guest articles, hotel damages or missing amenities etc.
  • Collects the room key and leave the room allowing the guest to lead the way.
  • The baggage is taken to the bell desk while the guest checks out and settles the bill.
  • In case of the amenities missing in rooms, bell boy informs in the front desk and the necessary action would be taken after proper investigation scrutiny.
  • The bell boy will receive an authorization from the front office cashier after the bill is settles and the reception has received the key.
  • Baggage is taken out to porch and loaded to the waiting vehicle.
  • Bell boy wishes the guest and returns to the bell desk.

Departing errand card is filled while the guest is departing from the room and given to the reception. Guest baggage are not taken to the porch until the bills are settled and the bell boy gets authorization from the reception

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